If you are looking for the steps to convert .docx files to regular Microsoft® Word 2007 .doc documents on a Windows® 7-based PC.
Take note that in Microsoft® Word 2007, all the text documents are automatically saved with a .docx file extension, which can only be opened only on that PC which also uses a Word 2007 version.However, Word 2007 comes with a “compatibility mode” feature which allows you to convert your .docx file to .doc file extension that can be opened by any version of the Microsoft® Word software.


Useful videos :

(turn off Compatibility View )
(Unable to Receive Emails on Gmail®)
(allow sites to access your camera and microphone )
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  1. Please help me … Whenever I open my words with a downloaded document it always show a box which says " encoding it to make the gile readable". Please help

  2. To convert word file to PDF file format, you may try Kernel for Word to PDF Converter Tool. This software easily convert word file to PDF file format.

  3. How do you convert a .docx file with a form in it to a .doc file and keeping the form fields active in the resulting doc file?

  4. What do you do if you have Microsoft Office 2010 and everything works fine EXCEPT Microsoft Word.. when you save it appears DOCX files and instead of showing the normal microsoft word logo on the saved file, it shows a sheet of paper with DOCX on it?


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