The director general of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has said Europe is now at the centre of the global coronavirus outbreak. In a press briefing at the WHO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, on Friday, he said Europe had more cases and deaths than the rest of the world combined apart from China
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  1. So Dr Tedros A.G. the prior Health Minister for Ethiopia, that covered up cholera outbreak’s in his country, has proven himself to be utterly lacking in integrity regards medical matters, so that makes him a perfect candidate for the head of the World Health Organisation…… that’s says it all….. ffs….

  2. World organisations are worthless. Europe and US and few other countries like Australia and japan should make there own organisation. This stupid educated puppet from some 3rd world country should just shut up.

  3. This guy should shot down by machine gun fire. He lied about the pandemic since day 1 covering for China and acting as their personal sycophant. If his lies were just effusive praise, it'd be one thing. But his lies have now led to the pandemic becoming much worse. The U.S. needs to stop funding this corrupt organization and this bum Tedros needs to drop dead.

  4. "Meanwhile, I'll be staying in my beautiful house in downtown Shen Jen bought and paid for by the Chinese government "


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