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  1. Werner is a quick forward whom I think can play in all wings and even no 9 ,, and whom I think if man utd can get his transfer done,can net a lot of goals ,following creative passes from bruno

  2. Earn the respect of the team again? The only player we have that made the PL team of the season last year and by far our best player. Dont think the respect of the team is a problem mate lol.

  3. SIGN:
    • Sancho
    • Fekir
    • Ndidi
    • Partey
    • Grealish
    • Koulibaly

    • Jones- Go away
    • Mata ( Has been a good servant and has been in form, but we pay him 120k a week and he isn’t a regular starter .
    • Periera- Given chances shite
    • Lingard- ………


  4. I am still not OLE IN. Never was. I do not think that he is the manager who would get us back to the top of the EPL and Europe. However, for a rebuild and stability, I can understand why people would want him to be there. I can see him as an interim manager though, who can stabilize out wobbly ship until we get a manager that can get us trophies.

  5. TJadon Sancho, Jack Grealich , Timo Werner, Kalidou Kalibaly for Manchester United would be great !!! And Paul Pogba to PSG, or Juventus,
    or Barcelona would also be great !!! So everybody would be happy. It seems that a lot of players want to play for Manchester United at the moment. I like Harry Kane also, however, would he fit in United's team after these aforementioned players hopefully have also signed with United ? Hopefully David de Gea will play at the level that we are accustomed with and that he wants to stay with United. GO UNITED !!!

  6. Stats mean nothing on managers if the players are not doing their job properly and not being loyal to their club and fans, even Fergie had those problems where he threatened the players to get a grip or else. Managers make mistakes, even the best. People forget, we have bought really brilliant players and they have flopped, but the manager gets the blame, so sometimes changing the managers is not the problem. Bruno has come in and I am very pleased, we need total 100% commitment by all the team every game, we are MUFC not Norwich City, and need to show we are hard to beat every week every season. Ole is a good man and manager, loves the club, and very eager to win, so lets get behind him and win trophies.

  7. kiss Pogba's ass? Pogba (lukaku and Sanchez) was blamed for everything. It became a witch hunt for no reason.

  8. You're actually wrong, many of us have never been Ole Out… hos signings have ALL been spot on and great. Managers need time

  9. Werner to Liverpool is almost done.united fans start talking again and they think united is back .varchester United 🤐🤫

  10. I'd say because Liverpool teams are too old. Sancho Would like to play with Rashford, Martial, Shaw, William, James, Scott, Greenwood, Gomes, and pogba (yeah he's childish)…

  11. I said the same about Shaw, even though he underperformed for a while I tweeted many times to let him grow, and here we are, has done brilliant this season, finally getting to the level he looked like achieving!!

  12. I dont thinj United can afford Werner Sancho and Grealish if Pogba stays. But, if you can pick either Werner or Sancho, which one would you choose?

  13. "Will Glazers back the manager in the market?"
    Ole has bought players for 220m now. Sold for 70. I'ld say 150m should count as backing the manager. (It's more than any other PL-club during the same period.)

    That said, it's not all about spending 300m every year as some seem to think. We could sell DDG and Pogba for 200m and use that for the final parts of the pussle. That could free up money to spend on Old Trafford and the loan. (It's not only the loan that needs work…)

  14. There wasn't a top 6-8 back then. It was the usual suspects. The league has got more competitive, not less. Teams earn monstrous amounts of money now. The fact wolves are linked to james Rodriguez for 70m from real madrid is a great example. TV money and rich sugar daddies aplenty.

  15. He's at a club that is aiming for titles. If it's the project that interests him he might as well be staying at Leipzig than joining us.

  16. Said it from the start a just want one manager for at least 3 -4 full seasons to get a team he wants and see where we land

  17. Mark can you stop trying to make yourself feel better end this nonsense narrative of yours that nobody was Ole In? I and the majority of United fans have been Ole In this entire time because we saw what he was trying to do and we saw the inadequacy of the tools he was given to do it with. I get that you're trying to make yourself feel better but you've been sitting on a fence this entire season, stop pretending everybody was up there with you just because the ones that backed the manager were right.

  18. I would go for werner, grealish and keep pogba (if he agree to sign. If he dont want to sign, sell him!). Dont buy kane because he dont provide fluidity in the team.

    Sell lingard and perreira!!! We need few numbers of midfield as part of rotation.


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