New York has declared a state of emergency in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak while Italy still remains on lockdown.

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  1. Sit back, watch and participate in the movie coming to a town near you. Might as well make the best out of it cause it looks like were all on this ride together.

  2. Look on the bright side guys. It's in washington DC. 90% of politicians are old people. RIP congress, the senate, executive, the house, etc.

    Let's see how these dinosaurs react to a virus that requires pro-activity. : D

  3. Big retailers and corporations are a concern. They generally have bad sick day policies. I can see them as breeding grounds

  4. Novel Corona Extra Open Letter to Donald Trump: Sorry for the delay. We tried to come via Birds last time, then we also failed in our first human trials (SARS-1). But human trials 2.0 is going very well.👍Thanks to you choosing not to obstruct 👩‍🏫😷🤒🤧👩‍⚕️👮 our project code named "CoViD19 Contagion". Thank you Mr. Trump!👍
    My family&I landed in ur city about 2 weeks ago!😊We are so very excited to be here.😃We already sent a party of ambassadors into ur White House about a week ago.🎉I am certain they are circulating quite well. A very sociable bunch.

    Meanwhile, the rest of us will be touring your city. Thank you so much for inviting & hosting us among your people!😊

  5. Two months ago when the virus broke out, the government should have seen this coming and start working on related issues, where were they instead? Jerking off?

  6. This virus destroys the tissues of the testicles besides the lung. I'm not afraid of the virus, but, worry about losing ma balls. I'm still young.

  7. Our senators and governors only work about 8 months out of the year…
    They'll probably use this to not go to work now…

  8. If all the infected countries had just taken a month off, suspended ALL travel between countries cities & states….this could have been contained more easily. The world needs to have a game plan in the event of a pandemic!! But big business relies on 'the people' to keep spending & using their services to keep their share holders happy & rich!! 😏

  9. I guess if some of those elderly supreme court judges or senators get it and are taken out of the game you might have the votes to impeach trump again

  10. That's a start to try to stop this shit…I hope they get this virus to stop, I've notice some people don't care if they get it, but the thing they should think about is they spread to hundreds of people that don't want it and can possibly die from it!!! That's the truth about fucken selfish people…..

  11. CDC & WHO have made a mockery of us to the whole world. Incubation time is 27 days according to China. Possibly longer and it looks to be. Shut down all the schools. And oh by the way, PCR tests are only 70% reliable on a good day for anything. They don't use them for HIV due to this. People are putting too much faith were it shouldn't be. This is a problem. A false sense of security.

  12. Trump admin has donged with response up so bad…Trump at the CDC "The tests are beautiful, just like the lettter"

  13. Close all borders permanently. This is the results of democrat politicians with their open border policies and sanctuary cities


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