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  1. The guy on the kulture study channel breaks down the meaning of the title that's in Korean. Something like the world burned down or something like that

  2. i wish you luck trying to understand can't you see me, you had a great theory, but the song and music video connect to the txt universe that MIGHT also be connected to gfriend and bts.

  3. Someone needs to send this BigHit, (hoping it will reach the TXT members themselves) because Justin be spewing out the truth and facts

  4. I think you really need to listen to Fairy of Shampoo. Their voices are incredible, and the song sounds sooo much like Herb Alpert's Rise <3

  5. Well yeah, the music video is mind blowing and beautiful. We are all agree on that 😀

    I'd like to recommend some songs from their latest album tho. They have different genre and vibe but all of them are equally good. You might want to check these out sometimes in the future >.<

    1. Drama – personally this is my favourite track because it's bright and refreshing but the lyrics………. i won't spoil it hahaha


    2. Fairy of Shampoo – this is a remake of an old song that's why it has some kind of 90s vibe and they add their own colour to it. And the rap part. The rap part is not in the original song. Yeonjun writes it himself.


    3. Maze in the Mirror – it's a song written by the members themselves and it tells about their trainee days. One of the member (Beomgyu) also co-produced this song. You can hear more of their vocals in this track. Sadly, there's no live performance of this song so far.



  7. Theys are killing Alex armato j min , Alex armato jk,Alex armato j hope and alex armato tomato
    Hahahahab lol

  8. Justin, react to bts outro tear, especially the live performance, cant wait for ur reaction, love all of it especially your voice💜

    the link – https://youtu.be/UJSDI8iYh6Y

  9. Justin, react to bts outro tear, especially the live performance, cant wait for ur reaction, love all of it especially your voice💜

    the link – https://youtu.be/UJSDI8iYh6Y

  10. hey justin, i just watched their live performance of this on both mtv and on sbs inkigayo and you can hear their live vocals so well in both performances. if you wanna watch, i recommend those two stages because i know you appreciate live vocals 🙂

  11. uwu I hope Taehyun sees this. He's currently being bashed for singing a short cover of a song I believe it is "Episode" by Gallant on Twitter. He's been doing his best improving his vocals.

  12. Tbh how you interpret the song was the same way I first interpreted it. And it's close to the real meaning as well.

  13. please react to their new album "eternity" (especially to the "maze in the mirror", "fairy of shampoo" and "eternity") and the cover of "in my blood" that they did :3

  14. Plz listen to “Maze in the Mirror” by TXT ( it’s my favorite song out of the album, but honestly the whole album is amazing.)

  15. Justin React to Haaye Dil by Jimmy Khan … please React to this song please… btw it’s a Pakistani song ❤️🇵🇰❤️❤️💜💜💕💕

  16. Please you should listen to their cover :
    – In my blood
    – Song cry

    And also their album ! You'll like it


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