Russian President Vladimir Putin is most likely to stay in power after his current term expires in 2024. Putin’s United Russia Party has proposed a constitutional amendment in Russian Parliament. The proposal was passed by the lower house of Russian Parliament on March 10, 2020. The proposal, once passed by the Russian Constitutional Court and the referendum scheduled for April 2020, will reset Putin’s presidential terms and pave way for an additional 12 years in power.
Former KGB agent Vladimir Putin joined formal politics in 1999 when the then President Boris Yeltsin appointed him Prime Minister. By the end of 1999, Boris Yeltsin resigned and Putin was made interim President. In May 2000, Putin was elected President and continued till 2008. In 2008, his close aide Dmitry Medvedev was made President and Putin became Prime Minister. Medvedev extended presidential term from four to six years in 2008 by bringing a new law designed to help Putin. In 2012, Putin again became President and was reelected in presidential elections held in 2018. His current term expires in 2024.

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