President Trump detailed a conference call with the G20 leaders to discuss the global response to the COVID-19 health crisis.
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Trump Describes G20 Conference Call On Coronavirus Response | NBC News



  1. Corona virus is a beautiful virus amazing little virusis the most beautiful virus, incredible. Litty litty virus …tremendous package virus.

  2. I wish Trump would get his act together and stop with some of the non cents. Trump if u are reading this have the S.S. look my number up.. we need to talk

  3. I've done lots of searching around the internet and looking for confirmed verified cases of this virus and so far i cannot find anyone. I've looked all around youtube and other websites like vimeo and blog sites throughout google to find these overloaded hospitals with people scattered around the hospital in the hundreds or even thousands and i cannot find any videos of the sort. The only type of videos i've found so far are of like 20 or 30 people in hospitals and these videos are looped around almost every youtube channel i could find. In some cases i've seen patients and nurses dancing in the hospitals like nothing is wrong. I've attached links at the bottom of this email for you to check out. This to me looks like a big load of crap. The chinese government is trying to show how efficient they are by building all these useless hospitals so they can show the world that their economy is great despite all of this " virus " scare going around and other governments are using this as an excuse to line their own pockets. Media around the world are loving this because their ratings are through the roof.

    So far no confirmed, verified cases of any deaths or anyone who's actually ill from this. I've seen one or two videos of people in hospitals recording themselves in the hospitals and i've seen just a few videos of hospitals with 20 or 30 people in them and doctors, nurses, staff members and even patients with nothing better to do than show off for the cameras by dancing like nothing is wrong. If you are so sick and everything is so horrible, how could you be dancing like you have nothing better to do? This entire thing has been blown out of proportion and i don't see any real threat here. Trump has lied to everyone and now they are starting Marshall law. The governments, media, and medical professionals are making insane amounts of money from this while openly telling the public that rather than giving us money, they are going to give it to the businesses and government instead. I just thought i'd add my two cents to anyone who would listen. Thanks so much.

  4. Has anyone in the comment section watched the full briefings? Almost every comment is written like it's paid propaganda or a bot. Here in Australia Trump is the only confident voice we can hear.

  5. He bravely called coronavirus Chinese virus when no one could. At G20 summit he did nothing to question China instead he agreed with China's economic move of selling health equipments without tarrifs. Can't he see China's profiting from the pandemic???


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