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  1. Hey chaps – It would be awesome if you could share your best phone TIPS as well to help everyone out! 😃

    Here's my wallpaper btw (enjoy!):

  2. That almost 3 hour battery drain of having 120hz on is well worth it. Now, 120hz at 1440p drain, not quite sure if it’ll be worth it

  3. remove nav bar press hurt finger and gesture faster with more screen and many customizeable gestures even for one finger and even lots of apps with better new gestures with easy adapt

  4. I got a s20 ultra my ? Is what is the best practice to charge the 🔋 battery do you use or till it dies or can you charge it anytime you like

  5. Nice job man. 👌 You can take a screenshot by swiping your palm across the screen. Settings > Advanced Features > Motion and Gestures > Palm Swipe to Capture. A lot of people don't know this and think they need to press the volume and power buttons to do it. 👌

  6. Should I upgrade from S10 plus?
    It's just 6 months old and I'm happy with it.
    Just portrait mode pics looks a bit soft (samsung softens human skin). I mainly shoot portraits of me and my friends.
    Also I like higher refresh rate display on my mom's OnePlus 7 pro. It's actually very smooth.
    On the other hand, this phone costs 1 Lakh here in India, it's insane. If I buy it, I will have to sell both my S10 plus and iPhone X to get the ultra.
    Plz suggest!! Or is there any better "cheaper" phone to shoot better potrait mode photos?

  7. Want to explore and share the actual essential tips to use a samsung HUGE phone. Check out goodlock. Particularly onehand operation and multi task

  8. Yo guys I can't decide which phone should I get, I have an android phone now that is 4 years old and I want to upgrade , s20 Ultra or 11 Pro Max, I will use my phone for taking pictures, sometimes playing, watching movies/videos and I have never used IOS and idk, s20 Ultra has android which will get only 2 years of update but 11 Pro Max has IOS and has more then 2 years of support. If you can advise me which one to get.

  9. Just a warning that you’ve shared your full address and post code when demoing the share video feature 😱


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