Overnight, Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, shared a new update about their coronavirus recovery. There are new questions for fans and celebrities who interacted with the couple in the days leading up to their diagnosis. Natalie Morales reports for TODAY from Los Angeles.
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Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Share New Update On Their Coronavirus | TODAY



  1. everyone should look into deean koonts eye of darkness and Sylvia browns 2008 book end of days.
    dean koonts states that in 2020 a bioweapon virus will be unleased that will target the respitory system,the virus is called Wuhan-400 as it will be created in Wuhan labs and the strain 400,

    Sylvia brown also states in her book in 2020 a virus that attacks the respitory will be released and both dean and Sylvia say it will vanish without a trace and in 10 years reappear.

    The book does say that the virus will e 100% fatal and target the brain stem as well but that's because that's what they wanted to create but couldn't create so they used what they had imo.

  2. if he doesn't die it shows how much of a Joke corona actually is and how people are overreacting, not only is tom hanks 63 years old but he also had diabetes.

  3. Corona Virus was created in Southern California by Erica Bickerton, Sarah Keep, Paul Britton of the Chiron Company. Patent dates began April 3, 2003. Look it up at the United States Patent Office. If you prefer the Fast Track….see the Link to the Manufactured Biological Tool of the US Government……..https://patents.justia.com/inventor/sarah-keep

  4. im glad that tom hanks and his wife is ok. warner bros is a very good company that actually takes very good care of thier actors

  5. I hope old Tommy boy comes out more knowledgeable about the coronavirus than he is about type 2 diabetes. it doesnt work that way tom. You dont "get" type 2 diabetes based on what you ate years ago .. otherwise, nearly everyone would have it from early age. You got it as an adult eating the wrong foods for too long in your adult age. And it can be rid of within weeks if you just eat a whole foods low fat plant based diet. I found out I had diabetes at 50, 100 pounds over weight, and im currently 40 pounds over weight but in the process of losing weight, but in a matter of weeks I simply got my blood sugar numbers down and insulin spot on. Theres no magic with diabetes, it comes and goes with everyone based on how we wreak havoc with our blood sugar form the foods we eat, it isn't a sentence. It only stays with those who STAY and continue eating the wrong foods first and foremost.

  6. So those people who say that this is a scam means the entire Australian health system and government is in on it ,wow , Hanks is richer than we knew , how can I get in on this , is this story going viral ?

  7. The coronavirus has a mortality rate of 2.4% which means that out of 100 people about two and a half people die from it. That is a higher mortality rate than the flu that is true. However of the 2.4% who die from it almost all of them are elderly people with compromised immune systems. So take the necessary precautions yes. Wipe down surfaces and groceries and stay inside as much as possible to be a helper and so as not to catch it and spread it. However do not fear it or lose a wink of sleep over it! If you do fear it and lose sleep over it you will only be lowering your immune system and upping your chances of dying from it. So… Have a beautiful night!

  8. Guys, we should be uniting and making sure our fellow americans are safe. Hollywood no longer matters. Don't lie. You know you have seen American V.s. American in every comment section! We are no longer united, however, we are divided through race, color, opinion, political views, sports and entertainment. It's time to stop the divinity.

  9. God bless you both, and heal you soon. Will keep you in my prayers. Remember to laugh when patience is getting low.. Your fans love both of you!!!

  10. Finally some good news! I am so thankful that Tom Hanks has the virus. Hopefully he spreads it to his buddy Obama.

  11. In the still picture with him and his wife wearing ball caps @ 0:20 , someone else please tell me Tom Hanks couldn’t play Neil Peart in a movie about his life??


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