In a culture where being social and outgoing are prized above all else, it can be difficult, even shameful, to be an introvert. But, as Susan Cain argues in this passionate talk, introverts bring extraordinary talents and abilities to the world, and should be encouraged and celebrated.

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  1. All Y'all talking about being introverts and extroverts in the comments and I am over here thinking she sounds alot like Lisa Kudrow, She Played Pheobe on the show Friends.

  2. I always hated when a person said I'm boring. My real friends know how much fun I am but that most times I love being by myself. However not everyone will get that. Recently my little sisters said to me that I'm bored because I go on my veranda, listen to music and sit and watch nature. I was completely shocked when they said that but laughed a lot at it cause, they see it as me being bored but me doing that gives me great peace and happiness. Additionally, I'm in a house full of ppl who likes to talk and make noise and I just want everything to be silent

  3. I'm an introvert but infront of my close friends & family i act like an extrovert. Few people think introverts are quite & boring creatures but they are wrong introverts are the most amazing people present on this earth. They have such a good ability to recharge themselves by spending alone time when crowds drain their energy.

  4. I'm an extrovert with godlike anxiety. I won't talk until I do, and then I won't stop for 3 days.
    I think next time someone asks me why I'm quiet, I'll ask them "why are you so noisy?"

  5. Omg group work. I consider myself in the middle of this spectrum and I still absolutely dreaded group work because when I finish my work too fast my peers would think I’m trying to show off. I’ll do it slower and then my mind would begin to wander and ppl would wounded why I wasn’t starting a conversation when it’s independent work. She really hit the nail on the head when she mentioned group work.

  6. I'm pretty sure almost everyone who searched for this video is an INTROVERT…
    Giving a like for an INTROVERT comment is the best gift any extrovert can give. Period.

  7. As an introvert, I always get these questions from people. "Why are you so quiet?", "Why are you so shy?", "Why do you always keep your mouth shut and never talk to people?"
    And all I want to say to these people at that moment is this: "I'm just being quiet, I mean isn't this supposed to be less annoying than talking nonstop?"

  8. I'm an extrovert but I can empathize with introverts because whenever a group of friends talk about their kids or renovations I get drained.

  9. I am almost certain I am an introvert.
    although I am quite active in class. I am very good in school, but despise group projects. Whenever they occur I have a bunch of idiots who I have to try to convince to do the project right.
    I also much prefer my computer and my books to basically any group anything.

  10. The power of introverts is that we listen, we learn. Humans have two ears and one mouth, and we’re smart enough to know that we need to listen more.

  11. How my parents punish my sisters: "Go in your room and be by yourself."
    How my parents punish me: "Go and hang out with your friends"
    Me, an introvert: NO PLEASE ANYTHING BUT THAT D:

  12. The fact that in classrooms there are groups of desks and kids are expected to do group projects very well with little disagreement really ticks me off because usually when we're assigned a group project my group just all goes downhill and I'm the one doing all the work and everyone else is just following me like I'm the mama goose and they're my little goslings, and other times when we're doing group projects I just do it all by myself because "I work better when I'm alone." and I usually get a better grade than my group.

  13. I hate it when some people ask me “can you speak” or “say hello, I’ve never heard you speak”
    Like maybe I just don’t wanna talk to you.

  14. As a teacher it was very difficult to get kids to work independently. I think they have gone to the extreme for constant group interaction. I rarely assigned group work, or made it more a matter of choice so that independent workers need not have to feel compelled to do the group-step. This was frowned upon in grad school as well, where teachers in training were forced to participate in group projects, constantly. Nice to hear someone else promoting the value of independent reflection .

  15. If you wish to try this exercise there is one point in your astrology chart called "fortune" , if you are curious to find whether you truly are introverted or extroverted, this fortune planet is below the horizon for introverts and above the horizon for extroverts, .. if you don't know time of birth just input 6 in the morning. try and let me know how it turns out, thank you

  16. F*ck that’s the most difficult speech for understanding that I have ever been watched on TED. Is it still English? )))

  17. This is the best ted talk ever even she is an introvert.
    All explanations and advices and very meaningfull topic transition.. I loved this ted talk. It is very meaningfull and significant for me as an introvert.❤


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