In this video we take a deep dive, review, recap and explain the ending to Netflix’s latest horror film from Spain “The Platform”. El Hoyo.

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  1. I think this platform represents the capitalism system in most societies, rich people above try to eat everything and not caring about people below them (even thought there enough food for all of them ) , the more this table go down , the less food left to the point that people down ( the poor ones in society ) fight with each other if they want to survive and even some can kill others just to stay alive , the little girl at the end is the last floor , in this floor no one even bothered to go down there cause the food never got those last floors + in those last floors no more people left , by sending her up means that someone actually wanted to change the system that's why they called her the message , it means someone made an effort to go down and try to change people minds about all of this and that they should cooperate so everyone will survive, if no one done that , that girl would never be found and sent up+ i believe that is girl is not real it's just a metaphor ( the message ) and i believe that for two reasons , first the woman who killed her self said that no child under 16 is allowed here , second , that little girl is in the last floor and we all know that food never got those last floors ! So how she survived? She has no mate in the same floor that she can eat and she is there for days and she is a child so she would starve to death but she is not !! This girl is just a sign to the people at the top who created that system that people are revolting and want the change of this brutal system

  2. I am so tired of the whole "capitalism is bad" thing.

    I lived in Venezuela 20 years and everyone that hates capitalism should just be thrown there in Chavez and Maduro's Venezuela for a year or two to fend for themselves so they understand their staggering stupidity.

  3. How did that little girl survive? I mean did that woman really drop down every month to find and protect her?
    she avoided all the madness and psychos. Or was she always down at 333. She looked clean too. Not a scratch.

  4. I believe it really didn’t had a child, being in a place like that would have anyone tripping… also the pannacotta really reaches the top that’s y it was shown in between the movie….. good 1 Netflix…..👍🏾💯

  5. Could Level 0 represent a parallel jail? cooks are treated as slaves, we don't know how they ended there, plus they seem blind to what happens under they feet, focused on satisfying the needs of the administrator… the administrator's duty is to guarantee the perfect preparation of every inmate's favourite meal… what inmates want to consume is also what corrupts the whole system

  6. I hate movies that end like this ..its like a kick in the fuck you if you wanted to see the full end…..fuck the ending…great movie…sucky ending

  7. My main gripe with the film is that it seems to be net negative which just makes the whole movie kinda dumb the more I think about it because then there is no optimum solution. There seems to not be enough food, as despite having the top 50 fast, having a 99% intact platform, and going through over 100 empty floors they are still left with one item . If it is suppose to represent capitalism then it fails to simulate American lives, as there is very clearly enough to go around in the US, as it is currently a post-scarcity society. And mostly self-sufficient. [Don't even try to debate on this point, I will merc you (: ] The world is a more hotly debated question (I think there is but it requires a lot of STEM workers ). The movie would be more interesting if there was enough food for everyone to go around. Instead it shows a scarcity economy that has little resemblance to most Western countries.

  8. That movie was such a ride. 10/10 I would say. Too bad that there are many who will never grasp the message in this film…. 😔 oh well. 😈 Enjoy floor 1 while it last my friends.

  9. An interesting film indeed. The Spanish have a knack for making good horror films. The ending was a bit abrupt for me. I would have like to know more about the top and the people who ran the place. I would never go into a place voluntarily unless I knew exactly what I was getting myself into.

  10. Basically this movie serves as an allegory for Marxism by tying it to biblical metaphors. It's often joked in communist circles that Jesus was a communist. The creators showcase that argument in the beginning when Trimerassi or whatever his name is accuses Goreng of being a communist. This movie takes the communist sentiments seen in Christian ideology to the next level, or should I say…333 levels

  11. I loved everything about this art and how it fit so well with what the world is facing I also cried horribly in despair thinking, humans learn nothing until its to late. They've had the signs in front of their faces for so long from the earth and other species and still make the slow descent into madness that is inevitable. I want to think I'm better and that I would do all it takes to help and save others and try in vain to change the system. But in the end I would be one that just might fall, falling past each level catching a glimpse of what I expected, my tears falling upwards and my heart sinking into unknown depths.

  12. Or the kid comes upon the Architect who explains that she has reached the source o f the 7th version of the matrix in which she must face that which is her opposite……vis-à-vis Death

  13. saw my cousins watching this and they try to explain me the premise, i was like "so it's snowpiercer?" i joined them and yea, i could say i liked the film

  14. I think that the girl at the bottom was the key to escaping. Because she was perfectly healthy and not starving I believe this prison thing placed her there for somebody to go down and find her and send her back up to the top. Then the person remaining on the very bottom is set free for being a decent human. At least that’s the way I see it

  15. I loved the movie, I've already watched it 3 times. I feel the beginning and middle messages were very obvious (over consumption, the selfishness of man, capitalist system, classism, communism etc.)
    However I didn't get the ending and I think your analysis fits perfectly.

  16. After watching the movie and reading through many of the discussions in this comment section, my ultimate conclusion is this: The child is placed purposely by the administration on level 333 and fed regularly. This fact is only known to a very select few whom are in on the entire scheme. The mother is used as a symbol to other inmates, either entering the hole voluntarily or as an "actress" to aid in the experiment. There are 3 responses that can be made toward the mother character by other inmates: ignore entirely, harm/kill, help. The majority of the time, she is either ignored (as is shown by Trimagasi), harmed, or ultimately killed. [Side note: if the mother is killed, a new "mother" is added to replace her and perhaps the child is replaced as well]. On the rarest of occasions, though, she is believed and helped, in this case by Goreng. The whole platform is an experiment with one end goal: believe the mother, help the mother locate the child on the bottom floor, and finally return the child to the top, while sacrificing yourself at the bottom (i.e. not going back up yourself). It is never actually about getting food to the bottom. The food symbolism is simply a vector by which you decide to go to the bottom. It is only when you get to the bottom with your last piece of food, you realize that the last level actually contains the lost child and not simply another prison, and then you must give up your last piece of food to feed him or her. You then realize that the platform won't go up again with you on it, and you must make the final decision to let yourself die in favor of saving the child. When the child reaches the top and the unknowing workers of the administration realize that their "no children under 16" rule has been broken, the game is won. Now, obviously the movie as a whole is used to critique our greedy and selfish lives…my explanation above is simply to make sense of the Platform itself and what it's ultimate goal is within the logic of the film.

  17. I am pretty sure that the child only exists in the protagonist's mind and the "message" is the panacotta that we can see arrived at the top because throughout the film we see moments where the chef gets angry at his cooks holding the panacotta which has one hair in it, and points it out.

  18. The mother was the 3rd type of person, "The people who fall down" to help others. She went down with the food to feed her girl child at the bottom most floor, by hiding some food. She never turned hot/cold as she was moving down with the food. We were also told that she joined voluntarily and that she was also. That might be because her daughter would have been already in the hole somehow and she joined just to save her.

  19. Great review! Thank you! Just finished this movie and it has definitely left a taste, so to speak. Especially with what is happening in the world right now with people panic buying and hoarding, with little to no regard for anyone else. Even those who cannot afford to buy in bulk, they are then left with little to nothing to buy. This movie really gives you something to think about. In case anyone is wondering the book Goreng is reading is "The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha" ~ by Miguel de Cervantes. Which you'll appreciate if you liked this movie. Hope everyone is well and safe!

  20. interesting watch and all that jazz but how on earth did that little girl survive all those months? surely she wasn't on the top floors for 5 consecutive months! That's top 50 at least, no one is that lucky. Also how tf did the mother go down the hole every day and still manages to get back up?

  21. Miharu was descending every time to level 333 to feed the girl. So that the girl can be alone and untouched. That is why the girl looked well, healthy and pure. She is the change, she is untouched.

  22. You missed something that's cool, Imoguiri hangs herself because she, even to the last, was still holding hope for the administration she's been working for 25 years… She "KNEW" there was 200 levels, but she found out theres more waking up in 202, essentially her work's been a lie all along.


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