Neuroscientist Vilayanur Ramachandran outlines the fascinating functions of mirror neurons. Only recently discovered, these neurons allow us to learn complex social behaviors, some of which formed the foundations of human civilization as we know it.

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  1. ご参考までに、ご案内いたします。

  2. If I rrrrrrech and grrrrab and apple, I rrrrrrecord activity in the brrrrrrrain. Here’s a neurrrrrrron that firrrres when it rrrrrequires that I adopt the otherrrr perrrrson’s point of view. Love this dude’s accent. Adds so much flavor to the talk

  3. ici, la version sous-titrée française

  4. If i see anyone getting kicked in the private part immediately I feel a kind of pain and this sends spine chilling experience to my brain. I did not know what the reason is now I know. Mirror Neurons. Vera Level TedTalk. Thanks VS Ramachandran Sir.

  5. comment on the ad at the end on Stockholm congestion charge. rich can kill the planet, poor are forced of the road to save it, yh great system of equality you got going over there. the people who voted for it are the ones who can afford to pay the charge

  6. There has been a great deal of ungrounded speculation about mirror neurons. Ramachandran has been at the head of the parade; however he has actually never done any research in this area. At least none that is regarded as credible by other scientists. For anyone who is interested in sorting out the science from the science fiction regarding mirror neurons they should read The Myth of Mirror Neurons (2014) by Greg Hickok.

  7. He's a professor at UCSD I saw him a couple of times on campus he was always surrounded by students talking to him.

  8. How do we know the neuron isn't firing in response to both your own action and the other persons action because it's percieving both actions as essentially the same– he suggests here that it fires to cause your action but in response to someone elses action.   But what is that conclusion based on?   Perhaps in both cases the neuron is firing in response to the action, regardless of whether or not you or someone else does it? Extraordinary claims and all that…

  9. Notice he also does not give specific evidence or studies to support this claim, further research would show you there actually is no proof out there that mirror neurons have a direct connection to culture and the creating civilization.

  10. What Jimi Hendrix is to Rock Music, V S Ramachandran is to Neuroscience.– original, mesmerizing, and stylish.  

  11. Guys I have a question if there is really a connection among humans so why blind people do not feel this connection? .

    You will say because they can't focus on someone else if they can't see, but they actually can focus by hearing so why they can't share this ability with others.

    What I think is this just an emotional feeling.

    I'm sorry if I'm wrong. However I'm not a scientist but I don't believe in anything without analysing it.

  12. how far will the mirror neurons detect another person, feet? miles? does walls or other materials interfere? Will it detect my brother from another country and if it doesn't will lets say a phone call let my neurons virtual simulate his point of view?

  13. this explains why people watch porn! merely watch someone else having sex, fires neurons in your brain which would also fire when u have sex. of'course, because you're not part of that act physically, sadly you have to use your one hand to stimulate or simulate the throbbing genitals. interesting.


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