Comic author Rob Reid unveils Copyright Math (TM), a remarkable new field of study based on actual numbers from entertainment industry lawyers and lobbyists.

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  1. There never was a lose, art was always there since humanity can think… the value of money is irrelevant for art, it would exist without it. What money always did was building a system, a society that lives for unreachable dreams and greed… The industry holds the imagination in prison and the art becomes more and more the same… Just listen to the radio…

  2. So, if I have a 10TB hard disk filled to the brim with music which I pirate, so that makes 10,000,000 Megabytes of music, or 2 MB per track makes 5,000,000 songs.
    Each song cost $150,000 when pirated.
    $750,000,000,000 or 750 billion.
    Now I copy this illegally again to RAID1 for backup. Now its 1.5 Trillion.
    Then I send my friend a set of mirrored disks.
    3 Trillion. So by copyright math, I have just stolen the entire supply of money from their hands.
    I hold the world's wealth in my hands mwahahaha!

  3. This guy is now completely vindicated by that hidden EU Study!

    I can't stop laughing!



  4. Why won’t the media industry accept licensed copies of my $100 bills?? I WORKED HARD FOR THEM! Fucking rogue regimes!

  5. By their logic, if I pirate a song, they loose 150 000 dollars, but if I buy it they loose none? so basically is there something i can not do with a licensed copy that i can do with a pirated one? distributing it is still the same process, potentially losing the same ammount of money, roughly (even though that doesn't make sense, because most people that pirate content wouldn't have bought it anyways, and some are encouraged to buy the product after trying it for easier access through itunes or something) 

    TL;DR pirated copy = 150 000 $ lost,  licensed copy = 149 995$ lost by their logic.

  6. Logic, cynicism and sarcasm. Great little talk. Governments have a long way on clamping down file sharing, most torrents are gone….sadly.

  7. About six years ago, my old computer broke down, resulting in the loss of hundreds of pirated games and movies and thousands of songs. Not long afterwards, the world economy collapsed. Coincidence? I think not!  

  8. Here, I want to distinguish between ideas and products. If you invented something first, like creating fire by smashing two stones together, for example, you will want to share with others, that is the idea. But if you pack 2 stone and sold on store shelves, it's products. What we need to protect the products rather than ideas. Because simple that you can only protect one tangible things (including digital products), not able to protect one unseen. Even if you want to do it, which is to protect one idea, it is beyond your ability, even though it goes against the laws of nature.
    When you share one idea with another person will be a process occurs. It's learning. Man with his perception of exposure to any object, the brain memory function on the information it receives. This is a natural process. Means that the original idea was that you share doubled up. It became the possession of two persons. Even in case you did not intentionally want to share ideas but want to sell products that contain the idea that you can not prevent someone who bought a product that- with your ideas contained in that- discover ideas from your product. And when he discovered that, of course, the idea of him becoming. You can not force him to remove it from the brain, and can not forbid him to use it in the thinking process. We should be clear that this process is not someone act  access database record or document in your room to looking for information about your idea that this is a process of learning from what shared or owned legally. Prohibiting people to learn, discover also damage many times the numbers that copyright mathematicians given.
    P/s: sorry for any inconvenience about grammar, English is my foreign language.

  9. wow ! amazing talks, i always fed up with the copyright infringement loss in music and movie industry.I do listen music and watch movie online, and i also pay to get copies if that worth to buy. 

  10. This is one of the problems with Ted talks. Real cute, real clever, but he doesn't address where the numbers come from or if there is, even if overstated, a huge hit when people steal music.

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  12. Attraction. (Google it if you want pretty good emails on picking up girls.) The guidance concerned with attracting women at clubs in the emails from that website got got him his 1st sex in around 3 yrs. I've been displeased though on the grounds that I heard them all. Nasty.

  13. first things first: If you want to answer me please answer me by pure chance I saw it. I think talking in English does not mean you talk to Anglophon countries. And billion is not exactly an english word. Its term wich is used in many languages in most of them as 10^12. Because that is what the word says that it means, bi-million, a million million, a million^2.

  14. MusikCassette, I think you will find that the speaker's usage is widely adopted in international financial circles. As a matter of fact, 1×10^9 is nearly the exclusive meaning of "billion" in Anglophone countries. (Even the Brita have largely stopped using the alternative "thousand million.") Given that he is speaking English, it is only reasonable that he use the term in its most common English meaning

  15. but he is not in the US bubble anymore. He is talking to an international audiance shouldn't he use the system wich is consistand?


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