Evening all, United have just won 5-0 against LASK which has pretty much put us through to the next round of the Europa League unless we capitulate at Old Trafford in the second leg.

Goals from Ighalo, Dan James, Juan Mata, Mason Greenwood and Andreas sealed the tie.

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  1. hahahaha and you give me a f……. heart! This is like the sadist and the masochist, masochist whip me whip me pleas!!! sadist No! I love you channel mate!

  2. Pleas Stephen dont make this kinde of vids again. Yersterday i watch it and had a shot together with you, every time. I liked it so much that i watch it twice and im f…………………. today. Woke up with my face on the laptop and drooled al over it!!!! Thanks mate!

  3. why is the season being postponed, for real just finish it. Liverpool have won the league, "battle for 4th" who cares about the battle for 4th when theres a new season coming up anyways, it really is not worth it postponing anything. Just finish the season without attendance, if we're not missing a title then what are we missing, seriously? I understand wanting to cheer for your team in the final games trying to get a champions league spot, but sacrifice next season just for that? Ruin infrastructure just because of that? Not worth it at all imo, the virus isnt just gonna go away till next season either.

  4. Ole removed Fellaini Darmian Sanchez Lukaku Rojo Smalling Young and Herrera he brought wisely AWB Maguire James Ighalo and most importantly Bruno, he promoted outstanding youth in Greenwood and Williams, he has found different formations for us to win and we are on a roll that only a world wide epidemic can put on hold but not stop, long live Ole the King.

  5. CORONA VIRUS – Every league is treating it differently. UEFA should make a unanimous decision on this account. Maybe suspend the leagues for time being. EURO 2020 should be shifted/post-poned. Once the isolation has proved to be effective football can be resumed. This is just something like a mini mid-season break like a winter break.

    Corona is not deadly from perspective of players and coaching teams considering they are exceptionally fit individuals. However this group of players and coaches could serve as affective carriers and can pass on the virus to vulnerable people who are old and sick.

    Really really poor response from UEFA.


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