In a taut soliloquy that takes us from the origins of the universe to the last days of a dying sun 6 billion years later, renowned cosmologist Sir Martin Rees explains why the 21st century is a pivotal moment in the history of humanity: the first time in history when we can materially change ourselves and our planet. Stunning imagery of cosmological wonders show us the universe as we know it now. Speaking as “a concerned member of the human race,” Rees harkens to the wisdom of Einstein, calling for scientists to act as moral compasses, confronting the coming developments and ensuring our role in “the immense future.”


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  1. is Tesla back from the dead? Just kidding but he certainly looks a lot like him at a certain distance. Also his ideas are so profound and innovative.

  2. In Hollywood disaster films there's always someone who says 'We're all going to die'. We see much of this here with Climate Change 'Oh we're screwed', 'the human race is finished'. and stuff like that. Isn't it time we said something else. I say 'I'll be damned if I'll go quietly, if there's a way to survive I'll find it'. The will to survive is what made us humans. So let's work globally to force the people who are trying to drive us to extinction to stop. And let's look at ways individually to survive. And let us never never never say 'We're all going to die'

  3. Climate Change is natural. We aren’t causing it. So the Earth will be fine and will continue to change as it always has. Man however just like previous intelligent civilisations will not be here forever!

  4. Billions of years from now humans evolution will be more different than we are to bacteria or ameba..
    Fascinating claims for the future Sir Martin Ree…

  5. Humans who hate humans have been saying that the earth will end in a decade for decades. I wish that they would go away and reduce the carbon footprint for the rest of us that actually enjoy living.

  6. People in this comment section are honestly stupid. Humanity will die because species are supposed to die off. Because of our Intelligence we survived longer and longer, to the point where humans are like a cheat code. They can't be killed off by nature. Our populations grew due to our long life span and as that happened the Earth couldn't take it. Species aren't meant to survive forever, why should ours? The population is too big to fix it. Either use the power of new technologies or embrace the end, because it's no ones fault. Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

  7. So galaxies are held together by the gravitation pull of so-called dark matter? Dark matter matters only if you can prove its existence. Otherwise it's just a theory. So which one is it to be then?

  8. The big bang was a transmutation of Conscious Energy from a non-physical Dimension/universe into Our form Matter,creating Our physical Dimension/universe in the process so no Wonder scientists are so confused about it.Their Version of the big bang has a built in flaw so painfully `obvious` that nobody thinks to question it,but anyway it was a Psychic explosion as well as a Physical one.

  9. Scientists Find Climate’s ‘Cause Of Causes’…Highest Solar Activity In 4000 Years Just Ended…Cooling Begins In 2025

  10. Gyas revenge. As nibaru's N pole grab ours and it flips. Men's hearts will fail them when they see a time of destruction that no man has ever seen and will never see again. There is going to be a reminent of man. A golden age of knowledge. The age of Aquarius. What a wonderful time to be alive, if you are saved through the blood.

  11. This planet was at its most fruitful at600 ppm c02 ( we werent here) anyone that thinks we can control the climate is like the nutters that told king conute to comand the tide to not come in . We are looking at the symptoms instead of the real and only problem (that we ignore) theres too many of us .

  12. Climate change is controlled by the sun. Man can either evolve or perish. The sun doesn't care about you or your planet.


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