I Reacted to the Rich Kids of TikTok!? Who Flexed the Hardest

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  1. 3:55
    That guy: finger down if you have done something he said.
    Jarvis: fingers down if your banned on fortnite becz you used aimbot. But no hate love your vids they are fire.

  2. Bro I go to dubi every year and it’s $12 000 to $10 000 and all 9 of us go soo it’s like $100 000 to $90 000

  3. Me: Jarvis bro you live in a 30 mil house and saying that’s not their house. Like you have a private lake you have a built-in checkers table you have a basketball court a soccer court a pool and a studio in a cinema in more your the rich one

  4. jarvis: "no way thats someones house also jarvis: * lives in a $30 mill house that justin beiber used to live in *

  5. Yo this video took you ten minutes to do plus your one of those rich kids i assume. At least try and do an outro next time. Your fucking faze show you deserve. Keep it up lad


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