Graeme Souness, Kevin Kilbane & Brian Kerr react to Tottenham’s disappointing exit from the UEFA Champions League at the hands of RB Leipzig.

Souness believes this is “worrying times” for Spurs.

The trio discuss the early days of Mourinho’s time in charge and how he can improve things.



  1. Like Souness, Mourinho as an armchair pundit is a genius. But there is a reason why Souness is sat there and why Mourinho may prefer a career there instead 😜

  2. The Portuguese Tony Pulis lived up to the hype again! Outcoached, outshot and overrun against RB Leipzig of all people. What's worrisome is how lethargic and lack of fitness Spurs players had become. Just like his 2nd Chelsea and ManU team, players figured out Mou's tactics is make it a 30-minute game and be reactive & do nothing for the first hour. Subsequently his players don't train as hard and lack ball-pressing fitness

  3. J.M. is a dinosaur, he plays a system that is outdated. He publicly embarrasses players in the press, and it's all about him….wtf was Levy thinking when he signed him.

  4. Harry Kane is far too injury prone to be a argent for bigger clubs. Maybe Kane could join a team like Leicester.

  5. Is that Kevin kilbane as a pundit
    He was a below average player
    Kane wil give spurs one more year n then he’s off

  6. What a load of sh!t. Why are they defending Jose? Jose doesn't build players. He either inherits good players or he destroys them. He's a friggin disaster. This vomit-filled nonsense from these dimwits is disgusting.

  7. Since Sons got injured, they lost 5 and drew 1, and yet these muppets are worried about harry kane exits…. tbh Son is the bst player for spurs and has been so for the last two seasons

  8. 1:50 – HOW DO YOU KNOW He's sat at HOME???
    He SHOULD BE with the Group- even though He's unable to play! As a Leader

  9. If it wasn't for Son and Kane, the match would have looked different, and Tottenham would have played more vividly

  10. Mentality has killed off SPURS, Jose was a great coach when he had strong players who I are mentally strong. His Inter and Chelsea sides were bullies, Spurs are soft by comparison and that shows in how they reacted to losing Champions league final last year, its all negative without a strong captain and fighters in the side. Liverpool went on from losing it and kicked on to win it and improve Spurs collapsed in a heap and cried.

  11. He doesn't change his system or his ideas. Why doesn't he set the team up differently, instead of moaning about injuries. Hes lost the players already.

  12. Tottenham's success has been due to over achieving with hungry cut price players and homegrown youth, once they have made their name they leave for better wages and better silverware prospects. Where was the investment a few years ago, when we were really challenging, it went on the new multi purpose stadium and dividends for ENIC and their shareholders. 'The game is about glory' said Danny Blanchflower, I don't believe the owners agree, they are businessmen running a company and turn a tidy profit even if Spurs stay in the Premier league. I have been following Spurs for 50 years, I don't expect any change. Harry Kane will move on next, probably to Man United for a huge price, because that's what ENIC do, sell our best players.

  13. Mourinhos job is to motivate players, so why does he come out and call his players crap. Right in the middle of a season with no transfer window open for months. He was an amazing manager, it’s staggering how he’s fallen, I suspect that’s what a fragile ego looks like when it collapses

  14. It doesn't bother me that they are losing, it's that the team looks so flat. Time has passed Mourinho by. You have to work on tactics going forward. It was the same with United and Chelsea

  15. Ridiculous. Jose is supposed to be one of the best managers of all time – it's his job to get the extra 10%. If not, what's he getting millions for?

  16. Jose's biggest problem is himself he's past his sell by date – having said that he's hands are tied with the amount of injuries and lack of quality in the Spurs squad.

  17. Spurs didn't beat Dortmund home and away. LOL. They beat them at home and away it was 0-0. And it wasn't easily. Spurs sat back like rats and hit on counters. Souness with his excuses for another EPL crap club. Spurs with Kane and Son lost 7-2 at home. Spurs under Mourihno Kane or not makes little difference. Souness butthurt that EPL exposed again as overrated farmers league. LOL.

  18. Son is the main player in the Spurs side – losing him would be more serious than Kane. Give Mourinho time. Pochettino was there for five years – and won zero !


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