Paul Pogba Wants to Stay at Manchester United according to latest reports as Man Utd face the prospect of cancelled games. Get the latest Man Utd News Now on The United Stand. 🔔 SUBSCRIBE here

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  1. Really hoping Ole does the right thing and bins Pogba. He’s done nothing to justify a new contract. He’s not wanted by other clubs and he’d jump ship at the first chance.

  2. Always been Ole in but if Pink boots and JLingz are still wearing a United shirt next season I'm 110% Ole out don't care if he gets top 4, the FA and Europa those clowns need to go asap!

  3. if pogba stays they might sell de gea and bring back dean henderson theres our money, i love de gea but love the club more

  4. So Pogba " wants to stay " now does he ? Yeah, righto , whatever. Look, this bloke DOES NOT PLAY FOR MAN U. Injured, ill, wants to leave, etc, etc. FFS GET RID!!!!!!!! He is disrupting the team . Keep "talking horse " Pogba and lose Grealish ???? FFS what are we considering ? He only tries when he feels like it – that's why he is so inconsistent . Heis the ultimate bighead.

  5. Pogba now wants to stay!!!?? The bloody hell out of the club!!! Him and Raiola shoud be kicked out of every of the Unted's premises. For a quite some time now we all have realized how righteous was SAF on Pogba. Him getting back in Manchester was only a mutual interest of the "Duo Fantastico" Raiola and Woodward. Pogba's spotlight value has diminished. It was never a footballing value about him. He never cherished his domain club. The Bloody Hell OUT!! With Grealish and Sancho joining the squad there will be no vacant position for Pogba in Manchester United.

  6. 100mil for Sancho, Sale of Jones, Perriera and Lingard should be enough for Grealish especially if Villa gets relegated

  7. If Pogba didn’t want to stay loyal through the thick, he shouldn’t stay through the thin. I see this going down to the wire and him moving off on a free.

  8. To be honest Pogba just need good players around him Bruno Fernandes around now he is staying I don't see any thing wrong to that.

  9. I can't get why people want pogba to leave so we can scratch around in the market to get a player that isn't as good

  10. Pogba wants to stay, as the team has a chance of CL and probs no one wants him at the moment, also enjoyed his injury break.Give the boy one more chance to play consistenly well or get rid of this arrogant fool.

  11. If this does happen it will be great news for United. I think there is nothing wrong with his agent, he actually doing his job and he hasn't lied.

  12. Players to be sold in the summer
    Andreas pereira
    Fosu mensah

    Not sure how much we get for them but that should raise some more money for the transfer pot

  13. Now he wants to stay simply because Madrid and Juventus have gotten cold feet regarding his recent form and injury problems. Frankly, he has only one option. He is priced well beyond his present worth.

  14. I'll say the same thing I've commented on here so many times. If they've gone to him, looked him in the eye and asked if he wants to say he says yes then we should do all we can to keep him and use the most of him. If the answer is anything but that, drop his price to 90 or 80 mil an sell him.

  15. To keep Pogba means trouble ,As we know his attitude will ruin the team we just managed to put together. My opinion is sell Pogba and sign in Werner and Sancho

  16. I am going to advice Paul pogba if he listen me
    Mr Paul pogba stop showing up
    Stop hair coloring
    But start focusing to play
    And u have to play good ok

  17. And to think you needed ONE player to set the tone, start changing culture, right now Fernandes is worth triple what United paid for him.

  18. I would have Pogba at Liverpool any day of the week,you United fans just don't have a footballing I.Q,carry on singing "glory,glory Man United" without ever learning about the game.Because Fergie spoilt you that much you just turned up got pissed sang and went home,when he left and things got worse,all you knew about football formations,tactics etc was well we played "the united way" which was what exactly?? Let me guess players played for the shirt lmao

  19. Bye bye Paul. He doesn't want to stay, something isnt adding up. He is just a toxic merry go round that will never bleed for the badge. Fergie was right about raiola and pogba.

  20. I need him to go, the team is do well atm why are we constantly talking about him giving unnecessary attention


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