We’ve got a bunch of tech from Apple to unbox today! Full reviews on the iPad Pro 2020 and MacBook Air 2020 coming soon!

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  1. So…touchscreen tablet…with a trackpad? Keyboard and pencil, sure. Especially for creatives on the go. But, why would you need a trackpad?

  2. Boring…..long term??? Changes?? the item that is actually needed for review isn’t even available….Nothing new at all, nor a rush to buy or upgrade

  3. You realize how minor the upgrade of iPad Pro is when reviewers have almost nothing to say about the iPad itself but concentrate on new accessories instead. New MacBook Air looks like a good upgrade, especially with that 256gb base model and scissors keyboard, but Apple seems to trick its customer base by selling almost the same iPad Pro along with super pricey accessories and pretending it has some new key features.

  4. Apple in 2020:
    Buy our laptop iPad thingy for 1500 dollars
    Apple in 2030:
    Buy our iPad/phone/laptop thing with a built-in coffee maker for 2500 dollars

  5. Honestly its better to get the MacBook Air instead of the new iPad with its $300 keyboard. It’s gonna end up being the same price as long as you don’t fully spec out the Mac air. Not worth the upgrade nor the money.

  6. I wish they had a 16 inch MacBook Air. Cause sometimes you might want a bigger screen. But you don’t need the power of a 16 inch MacBook Pro.

  7. A little bait and switch showing the new Magic Keyboard in your thumbnail when you only got the current smart portfolio.

  8. I'm like very new into the tech work (aka 3 day in of YouTube videos). I low key thought their folding iPad.

    ……Unless I'm and wrong…


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