Using graph paper we’ll map out an area model to help us with a multiplication problem.

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  1. This video was so helpful. I had to learn this to help my daughter with her homework. Other videos did not help, we kept getting wrong answers….we got 8/8!!! Thank you!

  2. We just released a music video which teaches you the area model through a song about a farmer planting green beans and black beans! It's a great supplement to the excellent visual instruction you're watching by Khan Academy.

    Click on our avatar to explore this song and more.

  3. Anyone make a "multiplication with the area model" t-shirt? I think the visual of connecting this to the standard algorithm is super compelling, especially with color coding for each of the partial products. I'd be stoked to wear that on my back!

  4. all other videos about this say that this for 3rd and 4th graders, i'm struggling with this and i graduated high school last week

  5. this is making things way more complicated than they need to be. 16 x 30 you can do in your head. minus 16 x 3 and you get the answer.
     areas of sections. math doesnt need a backstory?

  6.     16 x 27

    Learn the multiplication and division tables and don't worry.

  7. The graph paper explanation is a good tool to understand what a number represents as far as One's, Ten's, Hundred's, etc however, this should of already been taught when teach basic Addition and Subtraction.  Once again educators are trying to put the cart before the horse.

  8. I gotta say, even though I already basically understood what the long multiplication was doing, and basically do the same thing whenever I do mental multiplication, seeing it laid out like this gives me renewed respect for it. It's really an ingenious little algorithm for quickly computing a product by hand.

  9. That's pretty amazing. I wish we would have learned math this way when I was a kid, I know I would've picked up math more intuitively.

  10. I do it a little different so can u try 2 do other ways pleasezzzzzz!!! The good thing that you are the only one I trust with my homework!!

  11. Thanks..This really helped me on my homework! I have wen ton SOOO many other youtube vids this night just to see what order its in lol. But this vid REALLY HELPED me! :)……==============<subsribe and like xD<===============


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