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Mili 2nd Full Album “Miracle Milk”
2016/10/12 – release –
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Artwork : Kazuki Takakura
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  1. 歌詞です。
    Switch on the power line
    Remember to put on
    Lay down your pieces
    And let's begin
    Fill in my data, parameters
    Setup, a new world
    And let's begin the

    If I'm a set of points
    Then I will give you my
    If I'm a circle
    Then I will give you my
    If I'm a sine wave
    Then you can sit on all my
    If I approach infinity, then you can be my

    Switch my current
    To AC to DC
    And then blind my vision
    So dizzy, so dizzy
    Oh, we can travel
    From A.D to B.C
    And we can unite
    So deeply, so deeply

    If I can
    If I can, give you all the
    Then I can
    Then I can, be your only
    If I can make you happy
    I will run the
    Though we are trapped
    In this strange, strange

    If I'm an eggplant
    Then I will give you my
    If I'm a tomato
    Then I will give you
    If I'm a tabby cat
    Then I will purr for your
    If I'm the only god
    Then you're the proof of my

    Switch my gender
    To F to M
    And then do whatever
    From AM to PM
    Oh switch my role
    To S to M
    So we can enter
    The trance, the trance

    If I can
    If I can, feel your
    Then I can
    Then I can, finally be
    Though you have left
    You have left
    You have left
    You have left
    You have left
    You have left me in

    If I can
    If I can, erase all the pointless
    Then maybe
    Then maybe, you won't leave me so
    Challenging your god
    You have made some

    Execution, Execution, Execution, Execution
    Execution, Execution, Execution, Execution
    Execution, Execution, Execution, Execution
    Ein, Dos, Trois
    Ne, Fem, Liu

    If I can
    If I can, give you all the
    Then I can
    Then I can, be your only
    If I can, have you back
    I will run the
    Though we are trapped
    We are trapped ah

    I've studied
    I've studied how to properly
    Question me
    Question me I can answer all
    I know the algebraic expression of
    Though you are free
    I am trapped, trapped in


  2. 恐らくこれはフラクタルフレームの描画と進化のための分散コンピューティングプロジェクトを行うソフトウェアの話でしょう。フラクタルの動画を生成するパラメータはサーバ上で自動的に複数結合させることも出来るし、サーバ管理者が手動で結合させることも出来る。
    あなたは暇になりフラクタルフレームの生成をするためにわたしというパラメータを使っていたが、次第に飽きてしまい別のパラメータを生成してしまう。その場合、今までの各動画は1つのフラクタルフレームであるため時と共に変化して(全て消去し、不正な因数を取り入れて)しまうため、この曲のわたしは全てを抹消したのち、自分をもデリートしてしまったのだ。 あぁ自己相似のエンドレスループ、アンドロイドは電気羊の夢を見なくてはならないという無常の理だったと知った。

  3. この曲、普通にハマりそう。

  4. Someone made a theory over at about the connects between that song and this one.
    I'm going to refer to the singer in this song as Person A and the other as Person B. Over at, Person B sings about how they'll love Person A no matter what they are, and they seem desperate to let that get through to them. And the title "", like the theory comment over there said, suggests that Person B is looking to find who Person A actually is, who their true self is, and wants to love them for it.

    Now onto World.execute(me). I personally don't think there's any actual relations to actual robots in this. Person A seems like they are insecure about themselves, they feel the need to change for Person B, even though Person B doesn't want that. Person A just can't seem to accept that someone can actually love them for their true selves. Person A seems to have a lot of self hate, and is suicidal. The title "World.execute(me)" seems to suggest that, and the need for them to change also suggested it. And through the lyrics, it seems Person B broke up with them, the lyrics at the end say something about "you have left me".

    Person A seems to want to please Person B in every inch they can. They were in madly love with Person B as the lyrics heavily suggest.

    There's also hints to Person A being transgender, that or it's a metaphor for how far they'll go for person B. "Challenging your God" (not feeling like the birth sex God has given you.) Theres a part that says F to M. How they want to "remove the useless fragments". (I made this theory in another comment on this video before.) Also this song is about sex. Person A thinks their body matters for the relationship and that sex is a big part, trying to please Person B, but Person B does not care for that.

    So to sum it up. Person B and Person A are in a relationship. Person A is transgender, has depression with lots of self hate and is suicidal, they don't believe someone can actually love them for who they are, so they try to change for Person B. Person B tries hard to convince Person A that they'll love them for who they are, but Person A never actually believes in that. Person B wants to learn of Person A's true self, but it never happens. It emotionally damages Person B so they break up with Person A. Person A is heartbroken and probably thinks the reason Person B broke up was because they didn't change themselves to meet their expectations enough. "If I can erase all the pointless fragments, then maybe you won't leave me so dishearted." And how they studied how to properly love to get them back.
    Person A obviously still loves Person B still being "trapped in love" while Person B is apparently "free".
    I imagine this song ends with Person A having committed suicide. As you can see on the onscreen lyrics. They did the command "world.execute(me)" and plus the "execution" line seems very morbid at the end.

  5. こんなにすごい人がProjectmoonという同じぐらい凄いところとコラボしたとか信じられないんだけど。


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