Manchester United put in a dominating performance against Manchester City, gaining a crucial three points in a bid to keep up with Chelsea for the final top four position. ESPN FC’s Shaka Hislop and Mark Donaldson go over all the talking points, including the brilliance of Anthony Martial and Bruno Fernandes, Ederson’s shocker in front of goal, a possible Sergio Aguero injury and Liverpool inching closer to clinching the Premier League title.

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  1. Stevie Nichols, the coward, afraid to come out and eat his humble pie. Suck it Nichols!!!! They have pundits who got their asses handed to them in their careers playing against Man U, so they have to try to take them down now. ESPN FC needs to reassess their pundits.


  3. Martial and james needs to lift their eyes up and pass bruno coming from the back of the box. Bruno passes then nice but james and martial too selfish to pass bruno on a perfect spot to score. I wish when Rasford and pogba comes back they should pass bruno when his on the right angle to score. Ole is building united and i hope they get three more needed players in the summer and cut the cheque lets say Pogba leaves. Sancho, a striker like Kane, and Grealish will be a perfect fit for united. Ole staying until 2021 May then sell lingard, Mata, Jones, Perera and pogba if he leaves. Then have a new manager summer 2021.

  4. What about fred being fouled at penalty area.. These espn Pundits are always baised never talked about that.. Shitty paid actors

  5. OHH! De Gea puts forth an effort even when he doesn't have to!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 SUPERMAN of the PREMIER LEAGUE!!!

  6. Everyone (at 90+5 min): United will win this game 1-0

    Ederson: well since we’re losing, why not give them another goal. Here you go Scott. My goal is wide open.

  7. So let's put on our imaginary caps here for a few minutes here……Pogba decides to see how this works and stays past the summer. Pogba and Bruno doing what they do best, the team have a full off season to train together. Oh boy I see Man Utd in the top two next if not winning it all. Bruno Fernandes is a breath of fresh air. This guy is special 🔴🔴🔴🔴🟥🟥🟥🟥

  8. Pity Craig and Steve were busy sniffing seats at Anfield today. Always enjoy watching them eat couple servings of humble pie🤣


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