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This new video and audio was first reported on by the Daily Mail. It is from Amber’s 2016 sworn deposition, taken just before Amber Heard dropped her domestic violence allegations against Johnny Depp.

Amber has repeatedly testified that she only hit Johnny one time during their relationship. We already know that’s a lie, but here is a very crucial point in her deposition, in which she willfully commits perjury, lying under oath about it.

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Amber Heard’s First Audio Confession to abusing Johnny Depp:

Amber Heard tells Johnny Depp nobody will believe him:

Amber Admits to Multiple attacks on Johnny Depp:

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Daily Mail Article:



  1. For those saying they should have just taken a break if she was going to just sit there and eat. This was actually right after a panic break by her and her team in which she was initially asked if she ever committed acts of domestic violence against Johnny. In retrospect I don't know why I didn't add it to my video. I might put it up on my twitter if you want to check it out. Or I'll use it as a brief follow up during my next video. Thanks for watching! – IA

  2. Oh yes I would be smiling when a tape is playing of abuser who physically and mentally abused me
    Don't get me wrong people have nervous smiles to deflect from the trauma I have nervous smile sometimes
    But she didn't had nervous smile she was proud if that shit that she is destroying this man's life

  3. Amber is like the character of Jack nichol's in that, she says " Here's amber!". Its kinda funny that this situation is as close as it gets to that scene from the shinning

  4. 7:54 fuck no….🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ It's like 4 year old is caught trying to steal cookies from the kitchen in the middle of the night and now she just trying to make up anything she can 😄😄😄

  5. I feel bad for her lawyer poor guy ( not that I have any sympathy for her or his lawyer but someone is trying to defend you and you are still fucking up😂😂) wants to save her from this mess she cooked up
    Everytime she opens her mouth he has to interrupt bc he knows she is gonna make something up right at that moment and it's just going be stack of lies that just going to fall at some point

  6. How can she be that bad
    She is a actress granted not great one but I saw Aquaman she was decent in that film it looked like she knew how to act 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤔🤔🤔

  7. This. Is. So. Sad. Poor. Johnnydepp. And. His atterneys. Still. Have. To. Be. In. Court. Around. Her. Liadoning. To. Her. Lies. Rambling. On. And. On. About. Johnnydepp. Abuiser. Her. It. Was. A. Lie. She's. The. One. Abuiser. Johnnydepp and. Thinks. It's. So. Funny. When. It's. Not. And. Her. Atterneys. Need. To. Stop. Diffensing. Her. And. Beleaveing. Her. Lies .

  8. Guess. What. Amber. Heard. Your. A. Liar. Not. Every. One. Beleaves. You. Still. And. Johnnydepp. Is. The. Innocent. One. Not. You. Ugley. Place. Of. Tramp. Trash. Your. The. Real. Abuiser. Amber. Heard. Time. For. You. To. Go. To jail

  9. Amber in the recording: Yeah, I did mean to hit you after the door thing, but I didn't mean the actual door thing.
    The woman: So in the recording did you say that you meant to hit Joh–
    The lawyer: OBJECTION that is not what she said you are overthinking things sweaty 🙂

    Edit: Lol, it also sounds like the people in the background of the video are talking about how she's eating like right before she answers a question and I think even one dude said that it seems like her way of skirting around the question, so we aren't the only people who noticed it.


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