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  1. Don’t say that lia has the most beautyfullist clothes. Every member has an diffrent style that the stylist chose out for them. Don’t do like that. Did you not see what WE did to Jennie? Her OWN fans. We called her lazy, she gets the most pretty outfits. But what if jisoo were an long maxi dress and the others short no one will complain 🤭

  2. How could they say that this comeback is a fail? It's been trending ing Philippines for the fourth day right now

  3. 10M done
    20M done
    30M done
    40M done
    50M almost
    60M soon
    70M soon
    80M soon
    90M soon
    100M soon

    Keep going and streaming midzys

  4. i'll highly recommend this song to people who felt insecure and hating theirselves, just like me in the past.

  5. This is so shooktening.. but Wannabe Became #1 Trending then #2 then now #1 again.. here in the Philippines, What just happened? OMG the power of ITZY maybe? huhuhu I am now happy again

  6. this song really bring my confident up and make me wanted to say the lyrics to people who judge me huh!
    ITZY is the best, they thaught me to be okay being different from others and tell myself that i'm pretty enough no matter what people said.
    ITZY makes me happy for being myself and loving myself (also bangtan did hehe)


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