The 2020 iPad Pro is officially announced! But without Apple holding a March keynote, there are a lot of details you need to know about like the new “A12Z” processor, the new dual camera system, the new LiDAR sensor, and of course hidden details and the brand new Magic Keyboard with trackpad.

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    *Affiliate links generate revenue for this channel.

  2. I’ll never understand why do people say “ watch this before you buy” then go on to tell you everything you already know.

  3. Im getting this i have wanted a big gadget but a phone is more handy and im on an old ipad that we had in 2014 im hoing to buy that ang iphone or an android phone

  4. I looked on Apple website ima get a 11 inch silver with a Apple Pencil and tips in June. I also wanted the keyboard but it’s 300 dollars by its self 😭

  5. You’re a liar to show a thumbnail of you actually holding it and then never show you with a hands on in the video. Of course people are going to watch through your entire video, waiting until they see it and then realize at the end that it was a sham. I can’t stand click bait thumbnails and everyone who use them deserve to get fined or shut down. Just my opinion of course.

  6. Good video great information. I currently have a regular 6th generation Ipad and honestly i love it. I use it everything! Between that new keyboard and this new iPad Pro this would be a good upgrade. When does this new iPad Pro come out.

  7. The Reddit user also took the opportunity to run some Geekbench testing on the 2020 iPad Pro. Here’s how it scored:

    Single-Core: 1114 (Versus 1111 for 2018 iPad Pro)
    Multi-Core: 4654 (Versus 4604 for 2018 iPad Pro)
    9894 Metal Score (Versus 9146 for 2018 iPad Pro)

  8. İ am studying Business Adminstation and i will go for master education . Should i buy ipad pro or macbook 2020 air. ?

  9. iPad mini 5 seems perfect for me given the fact that I already use an ultra book for work. This new pro does look fantastic but it’s way more than I need at this point, I’ll wait for the 2021 iPhone as well as I have a XR that works perfectly fine.

  10. Help me please ! Thanks and love you ! Should i buy macbook air 2020 i5 or ipad pro 2020 ? My job is edit gentle video , and do some typing for study ! Love you and have a nice days 😜

  11. The only big upgrade I’m wating is OLED… IPADPRO 2018 12.9 1TB 6GB LTE USER… I Hope 2021 model will be oled so this time I can upgrade…

  12. Would you recommend me to buy an ipad pro 2020 or the macbook air 2020? Could the ipad pro with the magic keyboard totally replace an laptop or not?

  13. why not wait until the device is actually released to put out any videos? why would I take your advice to purchase or not when you haven’t even held the device in hand? clickbait

  14. My thought process with this is I really want one, it looks awesome but the cost of turning an ipad into a laptop is so much that it makes you think about what you could get for the same money, and on ebay you can get used imacs or mac minis or windows laptops. Just for the keyboard. it's annoying because it looks awesome.

  15. The big question about an iPad is how good are the cameras? Are you kidding? The rear camera on an iPad is practically a gimmick. Even with AR you don’t need super high quality.

  16. Apple have been really slow with innovation since Steve passed. If they just speed up iterating maybe they could have got here faster. The iPad is FINALLY moving in the right direction. Apple have been asleep at the wheel for the last 6-7 years.

  17. Initially I planned to get the ipad pro 2018, but now with the new ipad pro 2020 released, I know is not worth for ipad pro 2018 user to upgrade to ipad pro 2020.
    But as someone not a ipad pro user yet, should I just get the ipad pro 2020?

  18. Question,,I saw some from best bye stores,,release date,,March 25,2020 price,$1499,99 1tb 12.9 screen
    What’s the difference if. Any between Best Buy and amazon other than price,,Amazon,,$999,00
    Can anyone help me please?😂😂😂😂


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