4K Camera Test – Huawei P40 Pro Camera vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera vs iPhone 11 / iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera – Testing Night Mode, 5 times Zoom, Quad Cameras, Portrait mode, Slow motion video, and more.

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  1. i admire Huawei's new zoom camera and they are good for night pictures but still i like Iphone's video quality and it always absorbs backlight (mostly sun) very well.

  2. I would like to say that if you go for the best
    The colors, video, selfie : Apple
    The stabilization : Samsung
    The nighttime and zoom : Huawei

  3. recently i've brought realne x2 pro because of you so. i will love to see you in more productive topic for me( I MEAN VIEWERS). you can make mrwhoistheboss2 or may be you have better idea. i love your explaining style so you may be brillant in other ideas. i think many people will not look for gadgets more than few times,only they refer few vedios to themselves . looking 24 hrs gadgets vedio feels crazy as i have feel . so i hope you got it. you got good and gentle voice that is much more powerful than knowledge you have in gadgets. HAVE ANY IDEA?

  4. Nice, all the phones are nice and each edges out each other in different ways, will that edge makes you choose it? your call

    why you always tell about smart gagets . your voice is good so you can tell about facts, books ,new life iDeas and much more . in this corona lock down i have vewed more than 100 of your vedios so initally i fell exited but now i feel like your voice is good and you should have other entairtaining purpose vedio. LOVE YOU FROM NEPAL.

  6. 7:20 is the Nightmode and Day/Auto shot reversed? Because the Auto one looks better to my eyes… the "Night Mode" shot is kind of yellow.

  7. Man you are clearly an iphone shill. Why even bother to pretend to do an unbiased review lol. Why are you comparing these but not with the note 10+?

  8. last year's mate 30 pro already beat Iphone 11 pro max by a long mile

    so why comparing to p4 pro which is even better??


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