This is how you tell if your harddrive is dead or on it’s deathbed. Also Linus walks through what to avoid in order to prolong the life of your hard drive. Finally, we suggest that users use SMART in order to test and keep up to date on the status of their drives. HD Sentinel is a great way to keep track of this automatically and it can warn you when something is wrong, or about to go wrong. It can even give you an estimated lifespan remaining on your drive, listed in number of days.

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  1. when i reboot my pc from the bouton it udetect the hhd 2hhds not detected pleasse help😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 it udected from the disk management to😭😭pleassseee helpl

  2. when i reboot my pc from the bouton it udetect the hhd 2hhds not detected pleasse help😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. wow this guy should create a channel and name it Linus Tech Tips and try to reach 20 million subs

    id love to see that happen hes pretty good

    thank god he didnt drop these hard drives too

  4. I am having an issue with a hard drive that starts making really loud clicking noises, I mean, I've had failing hard drives before making the noise, but not as loud as this one. It happens when I launch a GPU heavy game, it seems that when the GPU is near 100% usage or the voltage goes to the maximum it needs a lot of power and the hard drive starts suffering power loss and spinning up and down repeatedly until it spins up one more time and suddenly it makes a very loud clicking, no, knocking noise. I think I know why this happens: power supply is garbage and can't handle so much power demand, although it says it can handle 500W… am I right, anyone?

    PS: I run the game from an SSD, where I also have the operating system running. This happens to a hard drive that isn't supposed to be doing anything during the gameplay. I have two more hard drives on this PC but it only happens to this one. Am I in danger that it is about to fail?

  5. Well I'm having this problem now, I can't rescue all my memories ;<
    My precious collection of 340K+ anime screenshots/images ;<

  6. Lately, whenever I decide to hibernate for the night, my computer will boot up successfully but be very unresponsive for until an hour, with even opening up a web browser taking up the first 30 mins. I had to wait around 1 hr before I can use my computer at the original speeds. Last time, the difference between sleep and hibernate is too miniscule to even notice. Now, I even had to resort to sleep mode during the night now instead to prevent performance loss on startup.

    I don't know if this is a coincidence or not, but in the week leading up to it, I had to hibernate with a chrome browser and 2 word documents open due a project. On the last day of the project, the unresponsiveness began and hanged all programs from my clicking so I had to restart my pc. Fortunately, I saved everything the night before. Even after restarting, it still takes an hour before the speed is back to normal after booting up. Did this issue start because I kept hibernating with programs on for over a week?

  7. I need help fast. So I had to go through 3 hardrives. Not even 2 months and I start having issues. I keep hear it slip and make a scratch for 3 secs repeating lying when I play games like GTA. Would you think games like GTA break them? I got a Seagate?

  8. but what if they say they want ransom…. but you hack their shit for hacking your shit and take your shit back? : )

  9. This guy needs to come back and watch himself on some of these old videos. Obviously he knows his stuff and puts out great content, but somewhere along the line he has become snarky, thinks he's funny, and is over animated. Videos like this, that just give us the straight information is better for a lot of us, of course I will admit, I am 71 years old, and most likely not his target audience anyway. 🙂

  10. my imac wouldnt boot and when i booted the recovery partition (which wouldnt reinstall mac os because i believe the took it off the app store) and when i tried to repair the disk, it said back up as much data as you can. even when i pluged the hard drive into my familys imac which i was going to move the data to so i could reinstall mac os, said that same message. i hope the hard drive is going to survive.

  11. I have a 2tb hdd that has made weird groaning grinding sounds ever since I got it. its been a couple years and It hasn't quit working yet. is that normal? Its loud enough to be heard from the other room

  12. my web browser crashes everytime i try to upload a file,the file folder also no longer displays the thumbnail images for any file,just white squares,the hard drive also makes alot of noise. are these signs that its failing?

  13. Im more with mechanical drives for data storage especially if its cctv security footage or dashcam videos. More chance you can recover the data when they fail if you want to be sure just have your data backed up on an adition external drive. Ssds are great for programs and games but the limited writes make them unsuitable for security footage.

  14. You see my PS4 slim was thrown across the room after a month I started see stuff like PS4 cannot start then the corrupted data started 🙁

  15. Yeah my ssd failed instantly on my school laptop and I was like well that’s shit …my iMac has the 1th hard drive and I’ve noticed that sometimes my cursor stutters so I’m hoping this isn’t a sign of it failing since I mainly use it for zoom meetings and CS:GO for friends

  16. This is probably what happened to my 1.5 year old PS4 Slim after trying to download Warzone. Yes, even with 200gb free.

    Files got corrupted, PS Home froze like hell, never happened before the download. So now…that 1.5 years of Death Stranding, RDR2, gone. Even after initializing the HDD, it still freezes the PS4 so I assume best thing to do is buy a new HDD

  17. my external HDD is down to 8% Health and it's all backed up now I'm just speeding up the DOOMSDAY for it, its total start/stop count is over 18.000 and the max temp I put it through was 90 Degrees Celsius. I believe I looked up some HDD models there max start and stop count is normally around 25.000… please do know my external health use to be 5% until I did a LOOONG formate, its a TOSHIBA MQ01UBD100. I ONLY BUY JAPANESE OR ASIAN MAKES. had It for 5 years


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