The song Europa by Globus (from the Epicon sound track) performed live with added subtitles!

Edited by Jaimefoo

(Originally the song Electric Romeo by Immediate Music)



  1. Interpretation of the controversial lyrics
    ‘Of new crusades, religious wars
    Insurgents imported to our shores’
    – Targets terrorist attacks happening such as Madrid (2004) and New York (2001)

    ‘Empires built, and nations burned’
    – US invasion of Iraq and the collapse of the country
    ‘Descendants of the dispossessed
    Return with bombs strapped to their chests’
    – people whose lives were broken and formed terrorist groups in Iraq shortly after invasion
    The song isn’t targeting any group, or ‘predicting’

  2. "Of new crusades, religious wars
    Insurgents imported to our shores
    The Western World gripped in fear
    The mother of all battles here."


  3. Here because, U.K. left Europe. Poor continent. We will see how this continent will go in the future. All europeans , be healthy and give good will. Greetings from Romania. 🇷🇴🙏🙏

  4. For everyone who calls they have 'predicted' some event: all the mentions were already part of history at that time. It's just that history repeats itself because people are too ignorant to learn from it.


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