Synopsis: 2019 New Movie “The Chinese Captain 中国机长 & 飞行员 电影” is about a fly dream of The Chinese Pilot Messi (Mei Xi), nickname “Dull Bird”. He is ugly and dare not speak to his goddess, an airhostess Li Yuan. One day, he takes a Good Luck Candy, Then he finds that he become very handsome on the next morning. Beauties, money are now full of his life. But the Good Luck Candy has time limit. Also it changed his body older and older. Finally he realized that he couldn’t give up his fly dream. In the last fight, Emergency happened. He tried his best to avoid a disaster——2019中國機長/飛行員題材電影 , 中国机长/飞行员题材电影

Studio: Jiasun Keep-up Cultural
Directed by: An Jiaxing
Written by: Guo Ziqian, An Jiaxing
Starring: Cao Tiankai, Liu Xuetao, Wang Chao, Han Xinyu
Genre: #Drama, #Romance

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  2. Astaga siapa juga yang peduli kalian nemu film nya dimana. Yang di cari filmnya bagus atau nggak wahai netizen +62

  3. Por qué no dejan que lo saquen en español?..siempre denuncian por derecho de autor cuando lo ponen en español..hay personas que no saben chino ni inglés


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