In the light of the global epidemic of coronavirus, covid-19, we are sharing with you Elon Musk’s thoughts on the coronavirus impact! #WithMe

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  1. Elon is spot on with respect to “Horn of Plenty” …. there is no “I want my ‘Bama phone …”, people! The government isn’t an infinitely deep pocket of money.

  2. 2 fakers discussing fake virus, interesting. I encourage everyone to go and look at the opening ceremony of olympic games 2012, predictive programming was used to initiate covid media virus.

  3. ROFL When Rogan said, what's the way out of this?" My immediate thought was, get women to voluntarily give up the right to vote. It would be simple. Convince them that someone should have to pay more taxes than they take out. Since the majority of women voters put every gun grabber and anti-free speech(those in favor of hate speech legislation) politician in power, based on the "science" of psychology, propaganda could target them with ideas of fairness. Convince them the other side of the argument implies fetus's are living humans.

  4. The left has it's humor. Where global WARMING couldn't get the job done, It's going to bring down the West with a COLD virus.

  5. Way I look at it he’s on there side !!!!!he wants to put implants in people’s brains not to much different than Gates !!!!!

  6. It's not surprising, that the industry would shed or furlough a record 43,000 health care workers in the first month of this crisis.

  7. Medicare pays much more for CoVId-19 than it does XyZ. They have essentially told all Doctors and hospitals that if you “think” or it “could be” COVID, record it as such. The overwhelming majority of hospitals and doctors offices were at less than 30% capacity. How do you make up those losses? Record every possible illness or death as COVID.

  8. When half the population is in irrational,arguably coerced, blind panic it's necessary to have facts and numbers. It's a flu with a high intubation rate. By the numbers. Even the massively inflated death certificates. Don't be sheep,look into this and ask questions. Cheers

  9. Elon Musk is arrogant and ignorant. 1st he doesn’t seem to have a clue as to how a diagnosis or cause of death is determined. He is speaking to something he knows nothing about. Secondly, it sounded to me like he thinks it’s not a big deal that it’s the older population that is dying, not 20 year people. I have no respect for the man

  10. Politicians love that they have become more powerful as a result of this. So locking people down gives them a bigger measure of power, thus their reluctance to ease up on restrictions.

  11. Everyone saw this play out in China. Elon's thoughts are not anything new, he didn't share nothing new. And the interviewer questions are the same questions the media has asked. Just saw this part of interview not meaningful.

  12. Wow! Rohan has really sold out hasn’t he… he’s trying to coerce Elon into agreeing by piling stuff in one question. Elon did it right. He methodically took each section of Rohan’s question and dismantled Rogan part by part. Thanks Elon. Clear up the data. Done with Rogan after this interview. Dickhead comes to mind now.

  13. Love to watch Elon think… You can see his internal calculator and bullshit meter and logic working together… very interesting.

  14. The reason why Spanish flu was more deadly has other contributing factors .First it was nearing the end of the first world war when millions of soldiers , citizens were malnutrioned so already had weakened immune systems, their stress levels were through the roof (PTSD) also weakens immune system, all were in the same stressful conditions ,all countries involved . That is why Spanish flu was so deadly . That is what will happen with a relatively "normal "virus with weakened immune systems . People need to take control of their own health and mortality. We live in such a processed world that we are surrounded by toxins (in our foods,drugs,plastics,etc) whereas we have cohabited with viruses since time began. Viruses are the air,in the sea,the sand,the grass,the trees . this is called life! There is nothing going wrong with mother nature but there is something wrong with technologies killing or poisoning our planet !in a few hundred years the ice caps are gonna melt and we will be 24 ft more under water ….this is all because of c20 admissions…carbon dioxide poisoning our air through humans using up all earth's resources .wake up people …there will be worse to come with us polluting this planet and should we dissapear mother nature and viruses will still be around because they are part of life!

  15. I don't agree with his perception of people dying from other death is not covid related. I believe covid 19 can cause heart attacks, and other acute diseases. Check the data before you look at it one way!

  16. I think it’s hilarious that he pretty much called joe a moron after his lock everyone down and do basic income to send money to people. Like joe didn’t comprehend that without people manufacturing things there is no money for basic income from manufacturing… joe is such a sellout

  17. Yup Joe said it, there are two arguments, “ we need to keep going protect the weak the protect the sick” or shelter in place until we come up with some kind of decision” … now what sounds more like a plan to you? One way is doing, protect the weak protect the sick, the other was is wondering what to do…

  18. Most countries don't count probable cases, and the number of probable cases is tiny compared to confirmed cases.

  19. Covid -19 is a huge deep state / China CCP op. Hospitals get 13k per Covid death and 39k per ventilator patient from Medicaid . And all these blue states won’t open because they want to be bailed out from the fed because they’re in the red. Don’t let the fake news media fool you. This shit was pumped up to create fear, and with fear politicians gain control. Also being used during this election year to harm trumps re election bid. Do your research people…… this is the deep state last ditch effort to overthrow an election and regain full control of government

  20. I've lost ALL respect for MUSK!!!. This guy is forcing his workers back to his plant and threatening to leave California if he doesn't have his way. Over 80,000 people are dead and they are talking like nothing has happened!!!! Is he trying to say over 80,000 PEOPLE isn't dead? "It's much lower? WHAT!!!! He's a total asshole!!!! How about caring about people's lives over your money!!!!

  21. The fact that elon can't say the truth makes me scared and sad for humanity he knows exactly why our goverments are continuing this if people don't speak out soon in positions of power people are gonna starve to death theirs gonna chaos in the streets soon. People have know idea how bad it's gonna get soon.

  22. He keeps saying that people/doctors/hospitals are saying that if people die they just say it was Covid 19.

    I have yet to see a credible source that says that hospitals are falsifying the cause of death..
    I want to see it.

  23. Difference between Elon musk and bill gates is the difference between a guy who got rich creating and building and a guy who got rich lying and cheating

  24. People seem to forget that elon ultimately is a businessman with 2 major companies gettin crushed due the virus, of course he wants the quarantine to end, some people are just brainless sheeps ready to follow without making any effort to think for themselves

  25. Eat properly, take precautions, build sewages and proper drainage, give people clean water, clean your workplaces, wash your hands, wear masks, shower every day, wash your clothes, secure labs properly, wear a condom and the world will be a better place. We live in a dirty fucking place.

  26. I kinda saw this whole thing play in China before in the US it's like watching the same movie again but in English 😂😂😂😂


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