DLC Ultimate Boot 2016 Best Alternative Of Old Hiren’s Boot CD Lovers.
DLC Boot dvd 2016 is a rescue disk that is commonly used as a Recovery,
and able to backup / restore windows partition, create partition windows,
entering a locked Windows password, and lots of other useful applications.
So It is the best an alternate of Hiren’s Boot CD, however, the DLC,
Ultimate Boot 2016 more latest compared Hiren’s Boot who was too old school.
If your Windows can not boot, missing MBR, want to format the hard

Download Link Updated
Part 01:
Part 02:
Part 03:
Part 04:
Part 05:
Part 06:
Part 07:
Part 08:
Part 09:


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  2. looks cool but this fool is up to something…. o hate people on her who play games… i wont be dl this….ps your a asshole

  3. Hirens 2018 New Generation is Back and Support GPT Partition!
    this is my open source project 2018 check this guy >>

    IT Tools Pack Solution (Indonesian language) – Include Acronis 2018 + Norton Ghost + Partition Wizard & Other Tools


  4. What is the password? I tried with Password:elamonline.com but doesn't work 🙁 please your help… thank you!

  5. Thank you for the tutorial.
    Downloading via torrent right now.
    Is there anyway to wirte it into usb using "YUMI"?
    Basically I want to have both Windows 10 setup and DLC concurrently.
    Yumi has a menu option for Hiren's boot cd so which option shall I use to write DLC instead of Hiren boot cd?

  6. this is a great Boot CD Like a full portable software Package Keep it up brother , nice information in this video . great job …..thanks alot

  7. I call BS, Can't you just put a link for one and done? and I would strongly caution anyone that clicks on those links to clear their History and cookies as soon as possible.


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