Malaysia’s COVID-19 infections have surged to more than 1,000. It is the highest number in Southeast Asia. The military will be deployed from Mar 22 to help enforce travel and movement bans.

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  1. The most crucial – and very interesting – question is whether the virulence-transmission trade-off effect will encourage the selection of milder strains in the next few weeks – if it hasn't already. When transmission is slowed up, either because there are fewer susceptible hosts, or because we take steps such as social distancing, more slow-burning strains (that generate viral shedding for longer periods) are likely to come to the fore. THere are lots of papers on the trade-off effect/hypothesis eg. Andre, JB Evolution 57.7 (2003): p1489.

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  2. This is 3 world war start bio weapons murder chivlian this world God bless all human can help jus prayer for God only help tq God bless

  3. this is a sign, to punish those "selfish-god-forsaken-who-thinks-he-is-good" person who think they are religious, you lost the love of god once u dont wear mask, u wear mask u protect others from breathing in your filty vapour be it u have the virus or not in this pandemic, u abandon god given u wisdom, physical n spiritual soul are 2 different elements, u choose to mix and think u r "godly" u get the virus, this virus release by gOd is to punish those selfish radical person ! similar to then Egypt first born wiped out

  4. Well, 1000 is still an understatement…………. nevertheless… their allah will take care of them when they die…….. after all, they were summoned by him/her everyday to go mosque and pray……….. i think they should continue go mass gather at mosque to pray and answer their Allah's calling.

  5. Singaporee please lock before singapirean die..

    Why so kiasui and stubborn?
    Economy u can build..but public health is more then anything

    I beg u lock ur country

  6. Does the army know how to deal with this virus? Have the police and army been trained or briefed on the proper protocol of handling a biological event?

  7. hi, we dun know yet , there is reason why malaysia locked down, now malaysia asked sin to let the 300k of work permit holders into sin and seem to agreed by mof…our cases will escalates like them as temp scan will not deter the sick from spreading into Sin. and we dun know how it affects us….


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