What you need to know about today’s top coronavirus headlines:

Italy’s new coronavirus-related death toll has now surpassed China’s while Wuhan, the city where the coronavirus outbreak started, has seen for the first time zero new cases.

Despite a ban on large gatherings, worshippers in Burkina Faso continue to pray side by side at mosques.

Foreign visits to Japan have plunged because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Australia and New Zealand close the countries’ borders to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The UK is facing a shortage of medical equipment, which could lead to a higher number of COVID-19 related deaths.

The army in Thailand has been spraying disinfectant along the roads in the capital of Bangkok, which is part of a big cleaning campaign that started after Thailand recorded 60 new coronavirus cases on Thursday.

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  1. this shows even with the latest technology and medical knowledge soaring, we are weak. only the true God can help us now…not technology, not knowledge not anything…only the true God

  2. Governments are shutting down jobs all over the world but they all still get paid, all government should go Payless till this is over, 99% of then has tons of money, big house but everyone else should starve!!! Spread this message!!!

  3. too little too late

    when Beijing and Shanghai are fine but Western cities are not, that means government really dropped the ball

  4. it seems that the french (professor Raoul) have found a very effective drug against covid 19, it is a treatment based on hydroxychloroquine at 600 mlg / day since 10 days ….. the action of the drug is very strong, …;so well done and thx to the french for this discovery ! thx to telling this to the world !

  5. Global News clearly doesn't fact check their sources first. They'll believe anything that come out of the Chinese Communist Parties mouth. You really believe the CCP will tell the truth? They started all of this by trying to cover it up, silencing Dr. Li Wenliang one of the first whistleblowers. He died because of the CCP's negligence and the WHO Tedros Adhanom trying to down play this virus. Shame on you for spreading the CCP's propaganda.

  6. News from around the world reported that the Sapporo Snow Festival spread coronavirus and many visitors around the world are died from virus.
    If the Japanese government made human life the top priority, Japan would have stopped international events.
    But Japan held the Tokyo marathon in early March.
    So Virus infections are increasing in Japan and abroad now.
    Will Tokyo Olympics be held sacrificing human life?
    IOC and the Japanese government should make human life the top priority.
    I think the Tokyo Olympics should be canceled.

  7. Shinzo Abe is doing this to Japan. Japan will be Italy very soon.
    "In the critical early days of the outbreak, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and other top officials sought to down play the threat, creating confusion and a false sense of security that allowed the virus to spread.
    They blamed Italy’s high number of infections on aggressive testing of people without symptoms in the north, which they argued only created hysteria and tarnished the country’s image abroad."

  8. Italy's death toll is not the highest as of now. Lie-na and the CCP have been hiding numbers for weeks now with cases being stagnant as of now. There's no way Lie-na and most of the 3rd world countries can have ridiculously low figures while European figures explode overnight.

    Wake up people.

  9. I was watching the news of one country that offered a 100% guarantee of companies whose sales fell due to the coronavirus


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