Princess Cruises confirm at least 21 people have tested positive for the coronavirus aboard the Grand Princess ship. NBC’s Steve Patterson and Hans Nichols report for Weekend TODAY, and NBC News science contributor Joseph Fair joins for analysis.
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Coronavirus: 21 Passengers On Grand Princess Test Positive For COVID-19 | TODAY



  1. Ship left for Hawaii on 2/21, these fools don’t watch news or just living on another planet. About a month ago there’s a ship floating somewhere in Asia that has already caused sea travel turmoil because of corona virus. So these fools stuck in ocean deserve to be quarantined and should stay away. They are stupid for going on this cruise.

  2. I'm sorry, I'm a huge fan of Lebron but to refuse to play unless there are people watching, that's just being selfish. He would rather risk the lives of hundreds of people just to be able to bathe in the glory of admiration rather than do what he is paid to do and play, even though it would be in an empty stadium. Selfish.

  3. US and other international media are covering up the shortcomings of the US Govt in handling the Covid-19 spreading in America. Imagine the US President tell his Americans that he did not want the Grand Princess passengers to come on-shore on American land bcos it would increase US 's figure of Covid-19 infected … …. Passengers on the Grand Princess need medical support urgently to suppress the symptoms which the ship does not have on-broad !!!!

  4. Diamond princess and Grand princess are from the same company, yet Why are they still allowed to operate their business after what they did on first cruise?Shouldnt they be hold responsible for spreading the viruses around in many countries?

  5. I think it’s in the air to spread this quick ,someone is not telling us the truth something is going on 😡

  6. Lord knows I'm not 😨 cuz I know he wachting me . every little thing that I to. And make.and up to him how my life today and tomorrow going thru.1 question?to you believe in God?cuz I a.m. so God blessed America…

  7. God please help us pepole very scared for whatever disused people talking about it only you know,cuz you the want fix please please please.lord i asking you please in your only son name please forgive us.for all the batting me my family frent and all this pepole you know,me i asking you for forgiveness in Jesus name …..amen

  8. Joseph Fair's comment about the U.S. relying on the CDC making tests vs everywhere else in the world relying on commercially made tests is a very important issue that I have not heard anywhere else. Around 8;40 mark.

  9. Congratulations on falling hook, line, and sinker for the hype (pardon the pun). It's a virus that's been around forever. You've probably already had it. If you eat a healthy diet and take care of yourself you've got nothing to worry about. If not, you reap what you sow. But you're still likely to recover…as it's just another common flu.

  10. It’s so weird. The entire administration plus Azar are just weird. I mean, they are all creepy, creepy weird…all of them, including now even VOA It’s too bad this is what we have.

  11. Trump gave himself an excellent evaluation in response to COVID-19. Americans, staff and vacationers on the first cruise ship might have their own evaluation of this administrations actions. Uh, I saw and heard DJT call it a "hoax," from his own mouth. But it was an excellent response. He also blamed the Obama administration for lack of test kits. And who was the one who downsized our CDC exactly? And who appointed Pence to be the head of the epidemic? Really? We are in such dangerous territory with the continual dismantlement of our government. Our taxes should be going way down since he has fired so many people. How much does he pay all his temporary people and "friends" , I wonder?

  12. I know alot may disagree but why do I feel this virus was created to take trump out!😳

  13. “We’re ready to get off the ship”. If you choose to board a ship where you’re crammed together with people for weeks during an epidemic, plan to be quarantined when that ship docks. Consequences.

  14. Time to reconsider US healthcare system…If it weren't for such sad reasons I would laugh out loud. As most other people on this planet I am living in a country where I don't have to worry about having to pay for a test that eventually would contain virus spread and therefore saves lives. It is actually a shame for the US not being able to test all people (without putting the poor into endless debts) people that may be infected. Because of so many people in the US that simply can't afford even such basic medical care like being tested the US will be probably MUCH MORE affected by COVID-19 than most other counties. Future "Wuhan's" will be called LA, NY, Chicago, Dallas or Washington DC……. Well, and of course those other "Hotspots" in countries whose healthcare is bad partly because of sanctions…..Seems like there's a price tag for everything…. 🙁 🙁

  15. I'd hate to be that guy that worked 65 years and retires and cant even go anywhere to have fun and die cuz other people are traveling having fun

  16. This virus is far more dangerous than the government are saying. Never in my life has a virus been more in the news than any other. Stop the lies and tell us the truth.

  17. Among them is 19 filipino crew member 😥🇵🇭.
    Grand princess cruise ship have 500 filipino crew member pray for them

  18. Are WE Being LIED TO? Are WE Being Played? Are WE Being Tricked? .. . See this Video and You DECIDE For Yourself:
    Video 》》》

  19. My husband has for many years discouraged me from taking A cruise, but now Iam beginning to realize he was right after all; Pre-coronavirus he stated they are too crowded, not well maintained. I believe some are well managed especially the very Expensive high end cruise lines. They really have to change their Sanitary Regulations so as to avoid A déjà vue 😳😳!!!! There will be more outbreaks & pandemics in the future!!!!

  20. Ok, president never keeps a promise, he needs to set down and let the true professionals handle the business. Trump has failed the nation on every front. He needs to pass the paton. Your fired trump.

  21. What you should be upset about is the fact that China as been lying and saying that SARS-CoV-2 did not come from Wuhan.  They covered it up while their people traveled the globe infecting people


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