How do you interrogate a suspicious person who claims to be a king from another world? With a healthy dose of skepticism, some creative name-calling, and a whole lot of patience. Nice try getting her to call you oppa though, Mr. Kim Dog Poop.

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  1. why are some of u saying that is the drama was not that good then there's me fell for this drama too hard now i can't wait for the next update. shit.


  3. 이민호 연기…이렇게 못했었나? 국어책읽는줄…너무 악센트가 없잖아 죄다 ㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡ 한 음절이야 연기도 건조그자체 코믹한 부분도 웃기지않아..헐

  4. Can we see them play jengga or do some beer pong? Cuz like we need it especially during this quarantine? Jebaaaaaal 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

  5. loooovvee lee min ho:) hope every one of his main starring dramas all become a big hit, and become more and more successful in the future, hope all the best for him 🙂 he is a really talented actor and deserves the best 🙂 he is the only Korean actor I support (and the only Korean actress I support is park Shin Hye hehe)

  6. I was eagerly waiting for the king after his arrival from the military service. Thank you for posting this video…..

  7. I'm kinda optimistic about this one's ending but please keep in mind that my optimism relies solely on W's ending, so I'm running on a string here

  8. Some scenes in the episode I feel ike Kim Go Eun is trying so hard to be that harsh detective and it just doesnt look natural anymore

  9. that ‘does that matter right now?’ line is supposed to be ‘i’m an only child’, but i guess the meaning of it isn’t wrong. but it does a bit bothers me.


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