“In the cathedral of the wild, we get to see the best parts of ourselves reflected back to us.” Boyd Varty, a wildlife activist, shares stories of animals, humans and their interrelatedness, or “ubuntu” — defined as, “I am, because of you.” And he dedicates the talk to South African leader Nelson Mandela, the human embodiment of that same great-hearted, generous spirit.

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  1. this is a profoundly racist speech, that denies privilege and the profound injustice occurring in SA

  2. Amazing speech man! I am moved. This is the time that the concept of Ubuntu should reach all over the world and make people come together for better tomorrow. Thanks for it!

  3. Mandela was a violent terrorist who got life sentence for sabotage and terrorism. At the time the law required death penalty in such case, but the court was lenient and gave him life imprisonment. His release was negotiated on the grounds that he stop preaching violence. Yet, Mandela and his team undermined minorities during constitutional negotiations leaving them exposed to the wrath of an overwelming and hostile majority.
    Mandela oversaw the start of a new racist policy called 'Transformation' . Today South Africa has 114 racist laws discriminating against Indians, Whites and Mixed Race South Africans. Not even apartheid had so many race laws.
    Today the SA state is financially bankcrupt due to kleptocracy, corruption and mismanagement. The economy is teetering on the verge of collapse. Law and Order has collapsed. Minorities are targeted for excessive violence by blacks and ANC politicians openly encourage the genocide of whites specifically. The regime has finally gone full Soviet by declaring the right to expropriate white farms and any other property.
    Mandela wrote a booklet called "How to be a good communist". Yet he denied he was a member of the Communist Party. Although lying and denying it for many years it was finally revealed by Russian historians that Nelson Mandela's name did in fact appear in the archive of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union as a party member of the SA branch. By all indication he was a communist till his passing.
    It was the spread of communism via the ANC and SACP that made it impossible for the white minority government to hand over power untill the Soviet Union (the ANC's main sponsor) collapsed. Sadly, the ANC did not see reason to abandon that horrific ideology and started implementing a racist version thereof via gradualism over the past 25 years.
    Mandela's legacy is not clear cut. It is certainly controversial. Though he initially preached 'reconciliation' during his presidency he set the country on a road towards disaster.

  4. Nelson Mandela was a flaming mass-murdering turd. Maybe look for inspiration from someone who is less vicious, like say, Charles Manson or M. Bison. I'd take M. Bison over Mbeki any day.

  5. Ubuntu is a one-word description of African civilization…It is not an idea. Anyway, I am not sure what this talk had to do with Pres. Mandela

  6. Varty,,how I loved to hear to people like you sharing your experience, relating it to UBUNTU,encouraging the Spirit of togetherness to one another and here is another terminology that says 1. If there is no enemy within us the enemy outside will always be harmless. 2.Izandla ziyagezana meaning that the right hand washes the left hand and the left hand vice versa

  7. YES, live from your HEART… Live the Harmonies, the Exchange, the Ascension, the Revelation, the Truth…of SELF… of Spirit, of Exchange, of Love, of Freedom … Rose Marie Raccioppi

  8. I am an African… The full saying of ubuntu is, "Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu" meaning "A human is a human due to the existence of humans"… "Ubuntu" directly translates to "Humanity"
    The Black-Africans came to be called the "Bantu" which means "Humans" not because of what it means but due to the language that was used to specify them as the natives of "Africa".

  9. "My (right) leg from the knee down is mangled beyond description. The bone is cracked. The meat is torn up".
    The doctors must have done an excellent job. Your right leg looks perfect on your photo in this 2015 album.

  10. I learn't that Nelson Mandela was an inspirational leader and also a good person. But I hate the fact that the whites sent him to jail for 25 years. I think he had a great leadership opportunities.

  11. I learned could we have an executive branch leader for our counties in the USA to offer executive pardon from the death penalty in the USA because people have died here n Lane County while incarcerated and I remembered Cry Freedom, The Steven Biko story along with this Nelson Mandela series on YouTube…maybe that can change our government.

  12. What a wonderful talk.  It would be so wonderful if everyone could look within themselves to be what they want to see in the world. Hopefully, they'd want to see love, peace and harmony.


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