More than 20 years since then-President Bill Clinton admitted to an affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, a revelation that eventually led to his impeachment, he and Hillary Clinton are opening up about those events in a new docuseries. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports for TODAY.
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Bill And Hillary Clinton Open Up About Monica Lewinsky Affair In New Documentary | TODAY



  1. Even this personal and vulnerable thing in their past, I still don't believe them. They are untrustworthy. For him to say he told her as soon as it happened. Is bull crap. The dress? Lying to America about your affairssss. Epstein's island. How can you trust a President and his wife when they lie to America? Can't trust a Clinton or an Obama.

  2. Hillary was his enabler for 50 years. For a feminist, you sure helped Bill continue his sexual attacks, flirting and sexual come-ons. Now, both of you get lost. Your time is up.

  3. They both look awful. I'm glad. The things these two have done are taking a toll on their looks and their health. The world will be a better place when they both pass on.

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  5. People always find a way to shame the wife and look down on her in these situations, I’ve experienced it. People still judge her because of the actions of her husband. It’s not right. I feel bad for Monica too. Her life was pretty much ruined over one mistake when she was a young woman. He was the one who was married and in a position of the highest power a man could have in this country. We all make mistakes and pay the piper.

  6. I hate The Clintons! What they did to Monica Lewinsky was horrific. And will they ever stop talking about themselves as if they are some kind of living legends??? Just go away already!!!


  8. why this interview…..why now……..just maybe CROOKED hillary is planning to haunt our house again?????? cackle, cackle, cackle………………………….

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