The Hindu Kush Himalaya region is the world’s third-largest repository of ice, after the North and South Poles — and if current melting rates continue, two-thirds of its glaciers could be gone by the end of this century. What will happen if we let them melt away? Environmentalist and former Prime Minister of Bhutan Tshering Tobgay shares the latest from the “water towers of Asia,” making an urgent call to create an intergovernmental agency to protect the glaciers — and save the nearly two billion people downstream from catastrophic flooding that would destroy land and livelihoods.

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  1. Being an Indian I feel ashamed that my Govt is not so thoughtful like Bhutan's. If every President or Prime minister of all the countries of the world come together and think plus act like the Bhutan, then will change be brought together.

  2. my country Nepal and his Bhutan can't do nothing but complain and sit because of all these nuclear power and industrial countries sorrounding us. such a sad reality

  3. "I fully agree with this man!" they said, while sitting in their chairs comfortably and awaiting doom, watching Youtube all day. Sad truth.

  4. Nuclear projects must end. Use of fossil fuels must end. We have the technologies to replace both. We also need to understand, however, that the earth goes through natural cycles regardless of whether human beings are on it or not. The idea of governments coming together to cooperate with the nuclear-fossil fuel paradox is questionable, as the industrial ones prefer to grab power any way they can, the United States included. I'm afraid the people of Bhutan and the neighboring areas must face the worst case scenario and begin to act as if the flooding already exists. What can offset the floods? Move to higher ground or to a new area? Find a way(s) to co-exist with the changes? Species, including human, are amazingly adaptable. Now, more than ever, scientists need to present viable options, and engineers need to develop clean water solutions. Ways to move excess water from flooded areas to those suffering drought need to be pursued. The changes will come about slowly, not quickly, as this gentleman would like. Yes, the immediate situation may look bleak; lives may be lost, but, ultimately, life will pull through and come back better than ever–it's all part of a natural cycle. Be wise, be compassionate, and be steadfastly active, but do not panic or be overly concerned. Nature has a plan and, if we listen to and cooperate with nature (not necessarily government), the human race will be balanced, healthy, and happy in the decades to come. Prayers go out to Bhutan and all its neighbors. As the snows melt here, I will be planning a garden and planting some trees. Blessings!

  5. I feel like we should set up a Company that should be used to develop and protect environments: (Can be named) EDP: Environmental Development and Protection. Could be used to help protect countries in environmental problems and Terraform planets. Mixing the 2 would be great because the Protection side can share info with Development to start up terraforming which they test plants and animals that live extreme conditions and make an environment. We need to research Water Bears more.

  6. Huge respect sir from india….the true fact is nobody especially global leader doesnot cares about climate change

  7. Mr Tshering Tobgay is what is called a Prime Minster, a person who listens and actions on behalf of his country. We have egoists leading other countries but what Tobgay commits is convincing. It's an urgent message that many haven't understood still today – because they don't care. Now we have with Mr. Tobgay a person that commits with a global voice – I am deeply impressed by his speech! Thanks

  8. the biggest shame is, that those who pollute the most , dont give a damn, or even deny/doupt that climate change is a thing!

    seeing that " china" is effected, kinda breaks my heart!, its TIBET that will suffer first!

  9. Respect & honour for Mr. Tshering Tobgay & Bhutan. We must hear & follow for the survival of earth, for the survival of human civilization.

  10. Two giant egoistic nations, India and China are there in that region too. But the one actually caring about it is the small, humble but great 'country' of Bhutan. I want to make India a 'country' from the 'nation' it has become; and to save humanity, we need to me more 'compassionate patriots' and less 'emotional nationalist'.

  11. "We must think globally and act regionally… " surely this man deserves to be called 'Leader of the Century'… We must think of what we all can contribute to save planet earth and ourselves… My contribution may be small but i know there's some change that i can and should make after hearing this… So instead of pointing finger, lets join hands and make the change

  12. If there are people who are worthy of talking about climate change, its the people in Bhutan. Cuz their country havent is the only carbon negative country in the world.

  13. Make this dude the president of the world. "Of the world, Craig". Fantastic call out btw. India and China, step your game up.

  14. Tibet was called as Third pole, not Hindu Kush Himalaya. Tibet was called as water tower not Hindu Kush Himalaya. What about Chinese destruction of Tibet environment causing these glaciers to melt. When honorable PM of Bhutan create awareness of third pole, Tibet has to be the mention whether PM like it or not.

  15. It's surprise that PM of Bhutan, failed to call Tibet as Tibet. Even having a similar culture and ethnicity between Tibet and Bhutan. China had defacto control over Tibet but de jure not. Yet you labeled Tibet as China. 😓

  16. India, Pakistan and China to work together to save the Himalayas… well my bets are on the glaciers becoming completely non existent. and that's sad

  17. Inspirational, but it will never happen. There's a reason why this region is the conflict center of the world. They will never put religion aside, not even to save their own lives.

  18. Climate change has always existed , right now were going through a Poleshift according to my understanding we only have 2 yr's.
    Earth's Plasma has started! Check out Mia's The truth about the EMPOCE.

  19. If only he understood why glaciers are melting. And 95% of general public. Only real scientists understand this phenomenon and sadly not a single politician pay attention to that.

  20. The dominant philosophy of the Western European culture that we should dominate the world should have been outdated long ago, but for makimg huge amounts of money for some, and they rule by brainwashing and emotional manipulations. The pharmaceutical and medical industries have people thinking that they can save their lives and make everything better. Far from the truth.

  21. Avatar movie, I loved it but I know people did not. I wonder why. It seems that pandering to the emotional and non thinking masses works. If this continues our planet will be doomed. The powers that be, brainwashes our younger ones, and how do I educate my children and grandchildren? They do not see the big picture, and don't want to face the uncomfortable truth.

  22. Our government has put the USA in the front of monetary corruption from the backers in corrporations, which employs politicians to front the military complex
    Patriotism anyone?
    Their heads in the sand. Take away the credit cards and people will be forced to live in their means and stop funneling your interest payments to the 1% in charge of us, the wealthy. Advertising!!! A brain is a terrible thing to waste.

  23. I've been losing sleep since Trump was elected.. He's single handedly managing to affect our Global effort at countering climate change…

  24. Yeah but ExxonMobil and Grandmaster Trump say Climate Change is a hoax. They know more about it than those greedy geologists.

  25. Being a Indian, I hope we take this message seriously & get the team together to collaborate with Bhutan & other SAARC countries.
    The best group to take part in this from India would be Sadhguru’s team


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