Catch the action from the thrilling reveal of the all-new 2021 Elantra. From striking lines and bold style to forward-thinking tech, the 2021 Elantra is a cutting-edge masterpiece you need to see.

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Available September 2020. Preproduction model with optional features shown.

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2021 Elantra Live Global Reveal | Hyundai


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  1. The car looks competitive in technology but I think the design of the car getting worse. I did not like the front seems to belong to another car

  2. Koreans are really good at making cheap cars look expensive. No matter how good they look I'd never buy one. I'll stick with Japanese cars at least you know what you get for your money especially cars like the new Mazda's.

  3. Из-за вируса это машина не скоро в Крыму появится. Сезон говно будит соответственно и денег у населения не будет.

  4. 전세계에서 볼텐데 뒷배경에 엘란트라 1세대 포르쉐랑 달리는 광고 살짝 오글거림, 그 바로다음 창밖으로 난 1단으로 달렸어 하고 엄지척 하고있는 사진.. 그리고 차에서 내려서 설명하는분 누구 닮았나 했는데 영화 살인의추억에 나온 빨간팬티 용의자 ㅎ


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